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Hi guys,

Never got around to introducing myself once i joined quite a while ago, so here goes.

I'm Big John, Zimbabwean holiday man of leisure. I have managed to turn into a house sitter for some american millionaires whose house I look after in Klein Constantia, CT (tough life right :rollSmile, WP.

I'm 100% addicted to fishing, do most types of freshwater and fly fishing (sans carp and barbel). I'm constantly in crap with the missus for feeding the addiction with regular trips all over the Cape in search of fish.

I regularly go tiger fishing back home, and bass fishing is good there, My farm dam at home was home to some savage beasts, caught fairly regularly on magnum sized flukes and dying flutter topwaters - unfortunately farm was "redistributed".

I thought of getting a twin-engined boat for the tuna in CT, but after seeing pics of some immense waves I figured freshwater with a big coolerbox full of bitterly cold beers is what I would rather turn to on a crap day, as opposed to the box of flares and emergency radio Wink

Have recently spent quite a bit of time at Clan going after el smallmouth - with good success, also some hard frustrating days at TWK which ultimately end up in a piss up in a windy campsite! Haven't quite figured those shy TWK buggars out yet!

Fished off a self-modified inflatable (now for sale) for the last three years in GP, MP and now WP, have a kickboat for exploratory adventures, and recently acquired a sweet, new-to-me, Rebel 440/Mariner 75 to give the missus some tanning space (that's how I justified the expense to her :eusa_dance: )

Looking to get a bit more competitive this year, but I just enjoy getting out on the water, catching a few and enjoying a cold beer on the boat.

RSA PB for Largie 3.5kg, Smallie 1.8kg Zim Largie 5.2kg (we measure in lbs there though for some reason)

Welcome! Sounds like you have it tough :blue-lol:

Good to have you on the forum.
[Image: SignatureSmallBFSA_zps89bcf1e2.png]
Hey boet, quite an introduction there and thank you for finally taking the plunge. A big welcome to you and rest assured that most of us here in rand land weigh our fish in kg's albeit they always seem smaller than our foreign counterparts........but not always hey! You might be surprized to see the weight of some fish pics here but that is another story for another day if you feel like heckling our fellow anglers.

Enjoy and participate in the best bass fishing forum in SA.
Welcome BJ.

Enjoy your stay.

Hope to catch you on the water soon!
Regards Robert Jacobs

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