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Hey everyone

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Hey everyone, I'm new to this forum. I'm a young angler (nearly 15) who really enjoys fishing, i have been fishing since an early age but only started serious bass fishing about 2 years ago (when my older brother got his first serious bass rod, because he got his new setup we started going to more dams.) i live up in hilton near pmb. I love bass fishing Smile!
Welcome to BFSA Josh.

Thanks for the great intro.

So you hooked on bassing like the rest of us hey!!

Why dont you tell us a little more about your favorite lures and techniques.
Welcome Josh. Hope to see lots of pictures of nice bass you caught!
Regards Robert Jacobs
Hey Everyone,
I like using soft plastic baits mainly, such as crawfish imitations, curltail worms, trick sticks, ZOOM horny toads, hardnose frogs, i also like using Booyah spinnerbaits, Booyah buzzbaits, aswell as topwater pump up/skirted tail frogs, zara spooks, poppers, mice and snakes. I don't use as many crankbaits as I should so I am going to start using those more as well as more jigs. For techniques I usually go for a weightless setup when fishing in reedy dams with worms and horny toads(which i usually jerk them while sinking or use them for topwater.) I also use texas rigs often with crawfish and such imitations. I like using wacky rigs for trick sticks and similair baits. I use spinnerbaits just about anywhere and topwater lures and buzzbaits near reeds and lily pads. Those are some of my techniques! 8O :blue-biggrin:

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