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Blue Water Gear Mono Kamba COMING SOON!!

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We are excited to announce that in the next 2-3 weeks we will be launching our range of Monofilament lines. Keeping our naming conventions aligned with our current range of fishing lines we have settled on "Mono Kamba". Our packaging will be the same as the Roho Kamba spools, however we will be branding it accordingly.

We have been working tirelessly to ensure we bring an extremely competitive product to market and we believe our offering will be of the highest calibre.

We will be starting off our range with 200m spools as an offering to the bass fishing market. We will then slowly progress with bigger spools and greater lb ratings to satisfy the needs of our saltwater customers as well. Our monofilament has been extensively tested in fresh and saltwater applications and has come out on top, including a fierce tiger fishing session by one of our testers.

Our range will be as follows for now:

200m 10lb (0.011" / 0.286mm in Diameter)
200m 12lb (0.012" / 0.300mm in Diameter)
200m 15lb (0.013" / 0.331mm in Diameter)

Our range of lines will be available directly from Blue Water Gear and through selected Retailers / Sales Agents nationwide.

Enquiries welcome, please email <!-- e --><a href=""></a><!-- e --> or visit us online at <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return false;"></a><!-- m -->
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Congrats Brent on another highly anticipated product.

I have found the Flouro and Braid the best value for money lines in the current range available to us in South Africa.
Regards Robert Jacobs
Sounds interesting..........thanks Brent.
It is officially here!

Blue Water Gear's Mono Kamba has arrived. It has been tried, tested and pushed to the limits by numerous anglers over the past year and it has performed over and beyond.

Available from Blue Water Gear direct on <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return false;"></a><!-- m --> or through our authorised retailers/agents.

BWG Mono Kamba Monofilament

BWG's Mono Kamba is a perfectly balanced, low memory line that offers superior knot and tensile strength as well as long casting ability. BWG's Mono Kamba is a great choice for both bait-casting and spinning setups and can handle a range of applications. It provides high shock absorption for fast and vicious hook sets. The high tensile strength and knot strength will give you confidence you need to lay into big fish.

Smooth, Strong and a pleasure to use, be sure to spool up with BWG's Mono Kamba and in the process save on your pocket.

Incredible Knot Strength
Highly Abrasive resistant
Shock Resistant with Controlled stretch

Line Specifications:

10lb - 200m, 0.011" / 0.286mm in Diameter
12lb - 200m, 0.012" / 0.300mm in Diameter
15lb - 200m, 0.013" / 0.331mm in Diameter
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Hey Brent, thanks.
I'm into the "vicious" hook sets as you say. :lol:
Any idea on RSP??
Nice thanks for the update Brent!
Regards Robert Jacobs
Riprap Wrote:Hey Brent, thanks.
I'm into the "vicious" hook sets as you say. :lol:
Any idea on RSP??

Hi Rip - RSP is R128/spool
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Thanks Brent.
Comparing it with similar supposedly "good" quality monos I see it is quite a bit thinner size for size. Gonna give it a go.
Hi Rip,

Yes it is thinner in diameter compared to some. I will also confess upfront that our 10lb is actually rated to 11,5lb and our 12lb is actually rated to 13,3lb.
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Regards Robert Jacobs

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