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Electronics are taking over

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Fishton Wrote:When did you out fish all the big bass rigs Jeremy, at night when nobody else is allowed on the water or at Goedertrouw when you were the only one on the water that day?


None of the above and not very often John but even a blind squirrel finds a few nuts once in a while. :blue-biggrin:

That's why it's such an awesome feeling when it happens.
Hi Bass Bailey, do not overthink the bigger picture. I fished most of this last competitive season without electronics. I have an 85hp Yamaha on my 16 foot Raker. I did very well if I may say so myself, finishing 4th in WP, making the team in my first season as well as enjoying a string of very solid consistent results. Bass fishing is absolutely NOT about million rand rigs and 400hp outboards....but if you have 2 million bucks to buy a car you would buy a Lambo right!? I don't have 2 million bucks....understand!?
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The best electronics in the world still has not caught the worlds biggest bass yet why not?
This was done 1932/33 why
Come now Mr Fishton explain why and why not
Some guys switch their electronics off when fishing shallow.... apparently it makes a difference... Not sure about that but :eusa_think: the guys seem to know what their talking about as they're up there in the ranking year after year...
ok, imagen the following: on the one boat all the latest electronics (360 and ++++++) , on the second boat we have KVD and down scan only then on the third and last boat, no electronics but a dozen of scuba divers.
who is the best fisherman?
is this allowed, is it fair, is it against comp rules, i dont know and i dont care as long as we all fish and have fun.
That’s a trick question…only the second boat has a fisherman on it.
First boat only has electronics, Second has KVD and downscan and the Third has Scubadivers.

My answer to the question is no.
For me electronics are an aid to maximise your time on the water by not fishing ‘dead’ areas but rather to find the correct depth/gradient bank, bottom (rocks, grass, drop offs ect), find baitfish, cooler or warmer water depending on the time of year…the list goes on.
You can put somebody on a boat with the latest and greatest electronics but if he/she doesn’t know how to read the units or have the basics of bass fishing down then they are useless.
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Southpaw no trick question just different boats equip to aid the fisherman. electronics do help, no matter how sophisticated they are they only can take a fisherman to a point, hence the reason for upates every month, well almost. reality is, when most guys go hunt bass they always land fishing the banks or the shallows. with a bit of thinking one can see gradients projected from what is above the water level. most guys can establish a mental map below water, like me Smile. of course those more technical will find it easier than them academic folk. fishing gear can and will assist in determining depth, type of bottom etc. but yes off shore will be more difficult but not impossible but has you have mentioned spent time is a negative, however, fishing for fun is just that and fishing comps is another serious matter (those fishing comps also hardly move that much from their selected holes, really no need for electronics.)
Southpaw LOL true bass fisherman brain you got bro. Electronics are nice to haves, can only make or brake a win on certain days. BIg motor is more of an advantage!
Life is to short, live it, fish it, play it!
If you are fortunate to buy expensive stuff like fish finders or what ever, good for you and if you can't buy it, get over it and just enjoy your fishing. Bass fishing is supposed to be a enjoyable sport and not to see who's got what. Only my 2c worth.
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if you fish a body of water enough you know where to find fish. Still comes down to the skill and knowledge of your rod, reel, and bait!

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