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Hi All

Name is Larry, living in Southern Cape, but currently working in Mpumalanga on a project for my company.

Been an avid Bass and trout fisherman for years, bought myself a pontoon boat with electric motor a year ago, but due to more recent ill health have never even unpacked it.

Thought I would join here to offer it for sale to a community that might be interested in such a thing.

Admins, sorry if that is non allowed, but it makes sense to me to join so that I can advertise something directly to an audience that would possibly be interested.

Will if no objections post advert in Classifieds.
Welcome to the site Larry.

The guys are generally happy to allow fishing related items in the classifieds section if the poster at least introduces themself to the forum.

Trust the ill health will soon be something of the past so that you can enjoy your passion flat out again.
Regards Robert Jacobs
Thank you for the friendly welcome.

Welcome Larry.

Thanks for the friendly intro.
Awesome setup you selling there
Thanks Andy

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