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Fantasy Fishing

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Anyone keen to run a mini fantasy fishing comp for nationals?

Was thinking we select 5 anglers with no more than 2 from the same division. Points will be allocated per day as well as for the final standings for the tournament (not history).

If you enter, you must add a prize to the mix, however big or small but let's keep it tackle oriented and somewhat relevant. Suppose this is not necessary but it's always fun to play for something real.
Bob, This is a awesome idea man.

Dig it...

Ill throw in the latest BFSA Cap in for a prize which will be launching next week.

Let me start getting my team together
There is a very interesting fantasy league running in the USA that we can use here as well. It is typically known as the BASS 300 system. Here are the rules. I have changed some wording to fit in with the up and coming SABAA Senior Nationals

This adds a bit of luck to the mix to make it more interesting.

The system awards 300 points to the winner of the nationals, with a five-point decrease per position through fifth place, which receives 280 points. There is a four-point decrease from sixth (276) to 10th place (260), and a three-point decrease per position from 11th place (257) to 15th place (245), and a two-point decrease per position from 16th place through the rest of the field. Anglers who finish in a tie receive points based on a formula that adds the points of the affected positions and divides the total by the number of anglers tied for the position. The resulting number represents the number of points awarded to each angler in a tie. An angler must weigh a legal fish to register points, and those who do not are not awarded points for the tournament.

For each day they lead the nationals, five bonus points are added to an angler’s total, including the final day. Anglers who do not catch any fish in a nationals do not receive points.

Forty (40) bonus points will be added to the angler’s total who catches the heaviest fish in the nationals.

A ‘Big Bag’ bonus of forty (40) bonus points will be added to the angler’s total who has the highest 1-day total weight of the nationals.


Our software already caters for this and I am happy to run this live, parallel to the normal scoring if there is enough interest in this.
Live Fishing Results at
I like
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