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Hi all, thanks for the acceptance onto the forum. I look forward to sharing and gaining much knowledge here.
Welcome AA.

Enjoy your time on here!
Regards Robert Jacobs
Morning and welcome Alton.

Are you new to the sport?
Hi Alton welcome. Just update your avatar where you from. Enjoy your stay.
SMILE, it can change the world around you. Stywe lyne
Thanks for the welcome. I will update my details but I am from East London and am certainly not new to Bass Fishing. From 1995 -2000 I fished for Border Junior and then seniors. I qualified for SA Junior team and twice represented SA Presidents senior team in 1999/2000 but then "life" circumstances forced me to stop although I did invest a further 2 years into junior development and team manager. Now after more than 10years I am getting back into some social bass fishing.
Morning Alton and a warm welcome to BFSA and back to your roots.
That goen you caught and couldn't weight at Wriggleswade a few months back could quite possibly have been the dam record!
Do come join us for some fun with fundraiser and other comps at the dam - will keep you in the loop boet.
Thanks RipRap I will never know unless I catch her again!! My gut feeling was that it was over 5kg and when compared to pics of my previous 4kg pm she looked a solid 5kg+ that the length / weight conversionsuggested. I am sure I will participate in a few of the social events.

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