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Hi Guys

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So I am new to the whole world of fishing, I recently went on holiday and stayed on the breede river. My brother brought his rod along ( his is also new to this) and we figured we would try our hand at fishing.

While we got a few bites we did not land any fish. However it was a ton of fun and got to spend some quality time with my brother.

Now in the next few weeks we figured we will try fisherhaven. ( I have heard its a great spot for beginners. Any one know where in Cape Town I can purchase spinner bait?

I purchased my rod at big catch however they dont have much in the way of spinners for bass fishing.
Hi! Welcome! Google ol big mouth and outdoors. Quite close to fishershaven. Good prices also. Just phone the number before you go there.
Awesome! I will give them a call. Thanks for the advice

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