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August COTM

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Please submit your catches here with a written report of your catch.

Please note that the biggest fish doesn't necessarily win.

Members will vote and judge at the end of month.

Thanks Andy
Hi All

It has been a while since I've made a report back here. I thought I would kick off this new "Catch of the month" competition.

I took the cover of my brothers old cabin boat.. she's been parked for the last 12 years. I caught my first fish from this boat back in the early 90's. I didn't think she would start, but she started on the first turn of key. It felt good to hear her running again.

I slapped on a trolling motor, and built a little deck on top, and off I went. Before I reached the N1, the carpet started to come off.. I turned in by Malcolm for a couple of screws (.. for the carpet.. jho), and managed to get badly stuck on his lawn. The had to recover me with a 4x4 Caterpillar!

Anyways, I finally arrived at the dam on Thursday. The wind was bad, and the water was very very dirty. If you put your hand in the 11.5deg water, you cant see your fingertips.

Shortly after I launched, I hooked a barble on crank at the dam wall... Little did I know that this would be my last fish for 3 days.

Everyday a bass boat or three came to kwaggas.. but everybody struggled. The guys who I talked to left the dam without even bite..

On Sunday me and my tjom got up at 6am to go try our luck for a last time. He had to leave kwaggas at 11am.
In THICK mist we made our way around the dam.
First cast at the dividing wall and VAS. Finally, after four days of graft, I landed a nice smallie of 1.2kgs.

We had to get going, or Danie would've been late. I insisted that we just fish the rest of the wall. A few more casts, and Danie went vas with a dik smallie of 1.62kg's. That was our last cast..

I also managed to drive my car into one of those short poles in the campsite, damaging my door quite badly.. If it wasn't for those smallies, It could've almost been a k&K naweek..

Well done again dude!!

Great way too get the COTM going again
I'll be writing a report soon but it may be toward the end of August.
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jmgravenor Wrote:I'll be writing a report soon but it may be toward the end of August.

Howzit JM.

Ya, thats cool bru
waars die Vis manne
Does this count ?

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[Image: outdoors.gif]
Stop bragging bru.. lol

Why dont you go catch a Pig and give us a kiff write up bru?

Im sure the members would appreciate that.
jmgravenor Wrote:I'll be writing a report soon but it may be toward the end of August.

Don't use old photos JM! I've seen them all... lol
See entry from Jeremy from Inanda Dam:
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Jeremy is also into the action!!

catch his story here
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I think this fish might be in a the lead so far...
Regards Robert Jacobs
Ya, I think he might have taken the lead here..
Thanks for the confidence but when JM says he has a report to come I get nervous. :blue-biggrin:
The more I learn about fishing the more I realise
how much more I have to learn about fishing.
Haha Jeremy you shouldn't be. Haven't been able to fish much so might not even have a report this month! Good fishing though man!
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