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FLW Series in Western Cape

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Hannes is looking for a show of hands for fishing the FLW series in the Cape.

Please add your support to his facebook question
Hi. I personally dont really know what the FLW tour is all about. Perhaps we could get a run down of the format, number of tournaments, prizes etc I think this could help the guys decide!
Trapman..... go on Facebook to FLW South Africa and have a read. Personally I don't think its going to worknin the Western or Eastern Cape. Not enough water to fish and too few anglers. But if they do manage to get it off the ground, I will consider fishing it. Entry fee is R5k this season and i heard something like R10k next season. I see on Favebook Andy de Jager has accepted to run this in the Cape, so Im sure we are all eagerly awaiting his plans as it will not run in conjunction with the Money Trail.

Maybe Andy can tell us some more of how he is planning to do this.
Howzit Guys,

Ian, that is correct I've agreed to run the FLW in the Western Cape. Therefor I will be returning to the Cape in January to get things on the way. I'm very excited for this adventure and believe its awesome for the sport.

Too not have had a FLW tour in the Cape would've been sad as the Cape has many talented angers that can now proof themselves and stand a chance of competing in the States amongst the best

I will keep all the anglers updated on this forum regarding all information, venues, dates ect.

Look forward to coming home and wetting lines and meeting new faces.

Forget about the Eastern Cape........we are used to sucking the hind ***!
Lucky most of us can't read or there would really be trouble...... :lol:

It just amazes me that we already have socials, fundraisers, club comps, KBT's and small craft series, Classics, Divisionals, Money Trials, Juniors, Interprovs, Nationals both Snr & Jnr, Internationals and other YET we don't have ONE controlling body for the benefit of the fish, the anglers, the venues and the sport itself. Everyone vying for a small piece of the very small pie.
Just doesn't make sense to me but oh well, each for their own hey.

Good luck with this Andy.
The SA BASS Cast-for-Cash and FLW South Africa tournament dates for the next season are as follows:

(The dates are fixed but the venues may change due to the organiser's discretion)

Year # Date Gauteng Mpumalanga
Organiser Hannes Lindeque Lizette Jonker
E-mail <!-- e --><a href=""></a><!-- e --> <!-- e --><a href=""></a><!-- e -->
2016 1 26-Nov Vaal River 26-Nov Witbank
2016 2 03-Dec - 03-Dec -
2017 2 28-Jan Rust de Winter 28-Jan De Hoop
2017 3 25-Feb Roodekopjes 25-Feb Rust de Winter
2017 4 25-Mar Hartebeespoortdam 25-Mar Nooitgedacht
2017 5 29-Apr Vaal River 29-Apr Witbank
2017 6 27-May Witbank 27-May Bronkhorstspruit
2017 7 24-Jun Bronkhorstspruit 24-Jun De Hoop
2017 8 28-Jul FLW South Africa Championship
2017 1 26-Aug Hartebeespoortdam 26-Aug Witbank
2017 2 30-Sep Vaal River 30-Sep Rust de Winter
2017 3 21-Oct Roodekopjes 21-Oct Nooitgedacht
2017 02-Nov Costa FLW Series Championship, USA

Year # Date Limpopo KZN
Organiser Wessel du Toit Bryan Leppan
E-mail <!-- e --><a href=""></a><!-- e --> <!-- e --><a href=""></a><!-- e -->
2016 1 27-Nov Ebenezer 26-Nov -
2016 2 04-Dec - 03-Dec -
2017 2 29-Jan Albasini 28-Jan Inanda
2017 3 26-Feb Injaka / Doorndraai 25-Feb Woodstock
2017 4 26-Mar Ebenezer 25-Mar Albert Falls
2017 5 30-Apr Tzaneen 29-Apr Inanda
2017 6 28-May Nandoni 27-May Albert Falls
2017 7 25-Jun Tzaneen 24-Jun Inanda
2017 8 28-Jul FLW South Africa Championship
2017 1 27-Aug Ebenezer 26-Aug Albert Falls
2017 2 23-Sep Albasini 30-Sep Midmar
2017 3 22-Oct Doorndraai 21-Oct Woodstock
2017 02-Nov Costa FLW Series Championship, USA

Year # Date Suid-Kaap Wes-Kaap
Organiser Adrian Luff Andy de Jager
E-mail efakickboxing@g <!-- e --><a href=""></a><!-- e -->
2016 1 02-Nov Raubenheimer 26-Nov -
2016 2 03-Dec Brakenduine 03-Dec -
2017 2 28-Jan Buffelsjagsdam 28-Jan Brandvlei
2017 3 25-Feb - 25-Feb Clanwilliam
2017 4 25-Mar Setlersdam 25-Mar Theewaterskloof
2017 5 29-Apr - 29-Apr Brandvlei
2017 6 06-May Groenvlei 27-May Clanwilliam
2017 7 03-Jun Raubenheimer 24-Jun Theewaterskloof
2017 8 28-Jul FLW South Africa Championship
2017 1 26-Aug t.b.a. 26-Aug Theewaterskloof
2017 2 30-Sep t.b.a. 30-Sep Brandvlei
2017 3 21-Oct t.b.a. 21-Oct Clanwilliam
2017 02-Nov Costa FLW Series Championship, USA
Thanks Ian. Bit complicated to understand when two regions are posted together and some info appears to be lacking.
Just out of interest and if someone can answer for me since we don't own the waters upon which all this fishing activity will take place. I have nothing against the new kids on the block but has consultation taken place wrt to other scheduled events at venues such as Divisionals (Snr & Jnr), MT's, Classics etc and their cut-off times for pre-fishing?

The calendar is going to be extremely busy for some. Is it a case of first come first serve wrt to dates and venues?

Here is all you need to know with one click: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return false;"> ... uth-africa</a><!-- m -->
Hi guys,

I did not want to post anything on BFSA yet as Im still in discussion regarding the 28th Jan. I dont want to collide with the TWK comp.
andydejager Wrote:Hi guys,

I did not want to post anything on BFSA yet as Im still in discussion regarding the 28th Jan. I dont want to collide with the TWK comp.

Specially with the Dam sitting at 50%...
Howzit guys,

So these are the venues and dates I have come up with also making sure they dont collide with SABAA comps so the SABAA guys can also fish.

Please let me know how you guys feel and if we should change anydates or venues

14 Jan - Kwaggaskloof (corrected from 13th)
4 Feb - Theewaterkloof
25 March- Kwaggaskloof (not to clash with Amatola)
1/2 April - Back2Back at Clanwilliam
20 May - Kwaggas or Theewaters ( depending on water levels) (moved to Saturday)
24/25 June - Back2Back - Clanwilliam
12/13 August - Back2Back - Clanwilliam - corrected from 11/12
30 Sep- Theewaterskloof
21 October- Poortjies or Kwagges (Water level depending).


Please let me how you feel about these dates so I can get them on my Site asap for the guys.


Just an outside observation Andy, your 4th Feb and 4th March already conflict with the MT dates, August date could be in conflict for Winter Classic, and the October date could be in conflict with the interprovs which is supposed to be run at Clan next year.
4'th March clashes with the Amatola Classic. Would be nice if some wine drinkers came to try win a boat and motor..............
There's normally a procession of wine drinkers that go to the A Classic Rip.
Hi Andy, will this replace the Money Trail going into next season? If it is an additional series I honestly do not think this is going to be a viable venture for the Western Cape....keep in mind that no dates can be set that may conflict with SABAA events or cut off windows as this is going to create major conflict. Is the series going up against SABAA and if so, where do we think we are going to find additional anglers not competing for SABAA to make this a success? TWK and Kwaggas are already a disaster for this season with the low levels and we are now wanting to just pump them 12 months a year every weekend? Sorry to sound negative but the whole situation concerns me. Please clarify the whole setup and what it's about....peace....

13th Jan - Kwagges kloof - cut off weekend for TWK Classic
4th Feb - Theewaterkloof - same day as Money Trail at Poortjies
4th March- Kwaggeskloof - same day as Money trail at Clan
1st/2nd April - Back2Back at Clanwilliam - Money Trail reserve date

21st May - Kwagges or Theewaters ( depending on water levels) - WATER!?
24/25th June - Back2Back - Clanwilliam - WATER!?
11/12 August - Back2Back - Clanwilliam - have to wait for SABAA calender
30th Sep- Theewaterskloof - have to wait for SABAA calender
21st October- Poortjies or Kwagges ( Water level depending). - have to wait for SABAA calender
[Image: fishingsignature.JPG]
I am reading with interest about the introduction of the FLW series around the country,with particular interest in the Cape.It is obvious this series is not going to run in conjunction with the current SABAA organisation,and is clashing with MT dates,Tournament dates and even dates of the KBT so there is going to be yet more angling pressure on the anglers (to find time for additional dates) and more importantly to slot these events onto an already stressed situation in terms of ultra low levels and spawning periods.We have come through the winter with substantially less rainfall,not only in the Cape,but countrywide and this summer is going to see the dam levels decline to close to single digit percentages.How is this angling pressure going to play out in the future of bass angling? We all have the answer to that. Seeing as this series is not part of SABAA,I see no reason why they ought to wait for SABAA dates.FLW will be operating totally independantly,so they can select as they please,but in saying this,there is going to be major clashes with cut off periods with the result of a major 'rift' between those that take part and those that do not.It would be nice if this series could be run in conjunction with an already well evolved SABAA series country wide,but I would assume that the new series on the block is not going to dictate too much to an already structured and pretty established organisation,hence the need for them to participate solo.The facts that will present themselves in the not too distant future is a butting of heads of the two facets and a division between anglers with the ultimate loser being the resource itself...there is simply not enough water,fish and time to do all this on the limited facilities available.
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