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Vintage Abu Baits

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Hi All,

So my old man recently told a friend of his that I've started bass fishing. This friend then invited me to "raid" a tackle box he got from someone and he has never used. This morning, I googled the value of these baits and it came to a staggering R9500! (Bearing in mind that the prices are from e-Bay and based on "never been used" new baits - mine are used but still in good shape.)

Anyway, thought I would share these beauties.

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PS - Not sure how to upload an image. So had to do make a 3rd party folder. Sorry... :eusa_doh:
Abu Garcia...for life!
Very nice.

I love seeing these old baits.

Reminds me of some of the baits my father had in his tacklebox.
Regards Robert Jacobs

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