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Hi, Boaz here.

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Looking forward to sharing and learning new tournament bass fishing stuff from the other side of the world.

Our “Dog Days of Summer” are finished for 2016 here in the southern USA just as your summer is beginning with your Dog Days coming. Summers heat has always tough on tournament bass hauled all day in small, aerated bass boat livewells world-wide.

I will share what we have learned about all day summer tournament bass care in boat livewells over the last few years in the “LIVEWELL” section of the forum. I believe some of you will be interested in the science and new livewell technologies currently available to sport fishermen in the US.
Welcome to the site Boaz.

We look forward to reading your input about livewell management.

We have found that especially our smallmouth here in the Western Cape really take strain in a livewell on a hot day!
Regards Robert Jacobs
Welcome Boaz. Please add some detail to your profile so we can get to know you Smile
Welcome to BFSA Boaz

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