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Hello fellow Bassers
have been looking for a bass fishing forum to join think I found it awesome site guys :eusa_dance:
I'm no pro angler but have been fish for many many years now I'm based in the jhb area . I would like to find out where I can start a topic or get info on how and where to start getting into competitions and tournaments as this is something I have never done but would like to start getting into this awesome sport we are so privileged to have in SA.
Welcome db. Feel free to ask and the guys in your area will I'm sure respond accordingly. Enjoy the best site.
thank you will do
Welcome Deepblu
Regards Robert Jacobs
well if u are in the jhb area then <!-- w --><a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return false;"></a><!-- w --> is where u need to be. the sight is under construction for 2/3 weeks but we have a comp every month all over during the summer. check us out on the facebook page and a week or two on the web page... bass challenge is a float tube, kickboat and small boat comp and we are usualy 40/50 guys a comp... good prize money with some sponsered goodies
Hi my name is NUNO aka "the bassanator" from benoni and im a bassaholic....Wink
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