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Why have members lost interest in BFSA

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Kingdon - there is a "for sale" section so please feel free to use it. It doesn't purge after a few days anymore! However, Bass Junkie on FB and the like seem to be where all the action is nowadays.

The other Bassing forum closed down for an upgrade and never re-opened.....?? One would have thought some members would have migrated to BFSA which is the only other forum but that doesn't appear to have happened.

There haven't been any COTM submissions for November!! Perhaps it's because there isn't an incentive?

I still believe this forum has a place for chit chat, dissemination of knowledge, notifications, bragging rights submissions and the like. BA's post is accurate, yes but it seems that the competitive membership has taken a big slide and it's mostly newbies and social guys who are active on the forum - besides the spammers of course.

Is BFSA at a crossroads, MOST DEFINATELY but I for one would hate to see it die.
I personally still prefer to come to BFSA for my daily fishing fix but it would help if I had an app on my phone that tell me there is something new to check.

FB and all the other social media platforms have ways to lure you on to their sites.

Al lot of social anglers on BFSA fishing only the Money Trail have since evolved to more competitive levels like SABAA and the FLW soon and this has caused reportsbacks (especially for pre-fishing) to take the back seat.

This is our forum and if we want it great we have to make it great... simple as 2c
Regards Robert Jacobs
Like Bassassin sais "This website was the centre piece, but the social get togethers where just as important, faces were put to avatars and website aliases and solid friendships were formed."
Always great to meet the person behind the Avatar

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