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Midmar or Bidmaar..we will have to see.

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So I thought I would just "put out a line" here and share our plans for a short but well deserved bit of RnR after a hectic year which has seen me starting a new position and taking on a few dodgy baddies on the work front.

Having not been able to take much time off over the Festive Season I decided to commit to this long weekend and book a weekend at Midmar to get the mind off work and take the new boat for its first weekend away.

I have had mixed experiences at this dam but they have mostly been of the Bidmaar kind. I think because Midmar is a dam that I have spent so little time at consistently, it takes me ages to work out the pattern. It has also been a while since I have been on the water so I reckon Im going to be a little rusty.

I have to say though that this is the most beautiful dam to me for a couple of reasons:
I have never had an issue with locals and there is no community in the immediate vicinity who have that troublesome element like we have at Inanda and Nagle. A few years back we had a nasty experience with a youngster throwing a rock which missed Gaynor by a hair which brought about my beast mode. The little sod never realised how close he got to meeting an old skool expoliceman with anger issues.
Secondly, the facilities are amazing and the operation is well run.

We have had some amazing holidays here and are looking forward to a nice long weekend which hopefully nvolves some fatties and a gorgeous sunset or two.

Hope you lot have some plans to fish this weekend and trust you will wish me well as we attempt to get the better of the dreaded Bidmaar.


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Hey Ryanie, great to hear that you out on the water again. Looking forward to one of those lekker report backs from you. :blue-biggrin:

Have to agree, Midmar is a great place to stay over .... as for the fooshing :eusa_snooty: I have really battled there over the years.
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Bidmaar vir Midmar and we see what your awesome report back holds next experience of this place is disheartening.
A lovely place to stay. Good luck, the previous SA record comes from this dam so they are there. :blue-cool:
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Howzit Ryanie. I share the same sentiments about Midmar. Nice facilities, lawns are neat at the camping sites, ablutions are clean with hot water, launch is good and the water is mostly very clear. The fishing can be tough, but my partner and I caught 30 fish on a November Saturday, two years ago in a Major Bass comp. Also a few weeks ago Midmar produced three fish of over 5 kilo's.

Looking forward to your report. Major Bass will be fishing Midmar on the second weekend of January. Searching for one of those 5ers.

Good luck for this weekend.
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Thanks Mojo Ill be joining you at Major Bass from next year. Looking forward to it!
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