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best advice for getting into tournament fishing

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Howsit guys
What advice from the more experienced hands could one give me
About how to get involved with tournament fishing around the
Port Elizabeth area?
Any advice will be greatly appreciated. .
The start would be to join a bass club. I am sure one of the club members in your area will see this post and let you know how to get in touch.
Regards Robert Jacobs
Morning earlyworm. Step 1: Fish this.



Step 2: When you get there, speak to either Todd or James and ask them about about their local affiliated club based in PE.

Good luck.
Howsit Rip..
Ok cool, thanks for the advice and forms..

I have been paying attention to the competitions and tournaments out
I dont own a boat unfortunately which I see in most cases seems to be required and
For obvious reasons ofcourse. .
Perhaps il come across someone who would present an opportunity to showing me the ropes or having Me on board as a partner for a event or something like that..
Looking into 2nd hand boats aswell available out there but il have to get More finances for that first haha
I figured that joining a club would be a good step aswell..
Shot for your time mate
Appreciate it
Get the best charts you can get your hands on and study them when you are OFF the water. That way, when you do go actual fishing you know exactly where you are going and what you are fishing.

Give yourself a fighting chance, otherwise you are simply 'sweetening the pot' for those who have prepared.

And then there is the luck factor. "Definition of luck is where opportunity meets preparation, and opportunity comes to ALL of us, but very FEW are actually prepared."
Joining a club is probably the best way to get to know people who might have a spot open on comp day.

Is there no floattube trail in our area? In cpt that's where most of the guys compete who don't own boats...

Don't worry about not having a fancy boat when starting out... it can be intimidating in the beginning if you have to compete against these okes but trust me its not the boat that catches the fish. I also started with a tubby, most okes in the cape will remember old blue "Ginja Ninja" and we had a blast on that thing. Most important thing is make sure your outboard and your trolling motor works...
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Hey guys..thanks for all the information. .
Yea I will get there, im in the process of getting on board..
Putting the the thought out there, until then I shall carry on my weekend warrior bank tactics haha..
Wishing all the ous luck for this weekend at brakkenduine, weather looks prime!
Lucky buggers..

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