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still after that big one

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Morning there's this beauty of private dam and ive giving it all I got
When it comes to techniques and strategy to try and land a big one..
Now I realise with change of season approaching the bigger older fish are already heading to deeper water.i also dont have a boat or floation device yet but what would be a good method to coax these lunkers out from the bank?
Hey Earlyworm, I'm no big fish expert but here's my 2 Zimdollars worth:

(1) most important thing is to fish where there are big fish. Each dam is different, for example I sometimes fish 2 dams small farm within 100m of each other. One has huge fish in and the other has plenty but mostly small.

(2) Be super patient. This is 3 fold. Firstly sit and observe your chosen spot for some time before casting. 2ndly fish very slowly, those fat girls are lazy. 3rdly be prepared to make 1000s of casts looking for the one big bit (especially if you follow "Go Big")

(3) I'm a swimbait fan, big 6"+ jointed swimbaits (not little paddle tails) so I say "Go Big". I only started catching 2kg+ fish when I switched to bigger baits and I've never looked back. You have to be prepared to blank but sacrificing the little bits is well worth landing the beast. I started with a G2 Shelcracker by BlackDog and got my first x4 2kg+ fish within a month. My last 4 PBs have been broken on home made 20cm lures.

(4) Lastly get lucky! And the more you fish the luckier you'll get.

Tight lines!
Thanks for the advice. .every bit of information I feel helps..
I havnt actually tried fishing slower and using larger lures so il give it a shot..
I fish every weekend and this dam im favoring at the moment is pretty untouched withsome big boys and girls lurking around..just coaxing them out has been a major challenge. .optimistic and enduring I shall continue to be. .thanks mate

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