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Bell Park

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Good morning guys

I will be going to Bell Park end of April for a long weekend. Does anyone have any tips on what lures to use or how and where to get the big ones there?

any help will be highly appreciated

I have fished there many times over the last few years.
The dam is busy recovering from the drought, and has only just reached it's full capacity, so not sure how the fishing is going to be.
In general the fishing is pretty good all over the dam, but have had quite a lot of success towards the dam wall and surrounding rocks.
Also to the right of Cayley Lodge has produced quite a few good fish.
You can also go to the far section of the dam where it narrows into a river section.
I would recommend plastics in a dark green / brown colour fished on a Texas rig.
Also, fishing off a boat is a must, not an easy dam to fish from the banks.
Hope this helps you.
thanks a million Stevie
Good luck, let us know how the fishing goes!

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