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Blown rectifier, Mercury 2 stroke

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Howzit All, have a faulty rectifier on my motor, think I slipped up with a reverse battery connection!!! :eusa_doh: :eusa_doh: :eusa_doh:

Anyone have any contacts for Spares, these damn things are so expensive, I just hope I havnt done damage to my Stator......

Hey Man,

The rectifier popped on my 70 Johnson as well. I just replaced it with one of these and it's still working 15 years later.

Just another option...
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Thanks Smeegle, man that is a seriously low price compared to the real deal!
For sure! I remember on the original it only had 3 connections, the ground was internally connected to the case. So I just soldered a wire to the negative on the replacement bridge with a lug on the end which I connected to the centre mounting bolt. Then the remaining 3 connections wired normally.
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Mine has a couple more wires, rectifier/regulator has 6 wires, 2 x red, 2 x yellow, 1 black and grey. Found a wizz in town who is now my boat guy, he is busy with a coversion. Yamaha rectifier and merc regulator, according to some of the guys super orbust and more stable. Let's hope, holding thumbs
Denny Mushroom AKA Smeegle AKA Dennis!

Great to see you you here again and to see that classic profile picture of you that I took on the back of my boat taken whilst we were hunting for lunkers in a local comp! :blue-biggrin:

Hope you are keeping well.
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Hey Neels! Yeah, those were good days indeed! I miss our singing sessions on the boat, haha!
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