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Good Evening Gents.
Im new to the world of bass fishing. From the Fish Hoek area of Cape Town.

Just purchased a VX70 and was wondering how these boats handle the Cape Dams.


Welcome Jeff, enjoy your time here with the best. You will get many replies, watch!
All my report backs and fishing stories also available on:
Welcome FF...not many VX70s around. As matter of fact only know of one that recently joined the WC circuit (Flip Opperman).

What motor are you running? I don't think you will have any problems as I believe the hull is similar to the Rebel which is pretty much a standard here in the WC.
Regards Robert Jacobs
It all depends on your motor size... If you have a 200hp on the back, then the Vx can be a little twitchy at top end speeds. We carry a spare set of batteries in the nose just to keep it down.

For rough water its not as good as a Rebel, mainly due to the weight being less than that of a rebel. But it you drive it properly and run perpendicular to the swells with the nose trimmed in, you'll have no issues.

My hybrid runs the same as the Vx, maybe slightly lighter in weight and I have every bit of confidence in the hull in rough weather. (my passenger might not though as he doesn't have a consol to hide behind and hold onto.)

Other than that, the Vx is a great boat. Built strong. Loads of space. Just remember the right hand 'rod' locker is better suited to be filled with all your other junk like life jackets, tools, landing nets etc. Its a bit short for normal length rods.

If there was one mod I would do to a Vx, that would be to add a perspex screen to the consol for better driver wind buffer protection
I purchased the boat from James Van Rooyen in Namibia. I will be putting a 200hp optimax in the coming weeks. Very nice changes that James made to the boat. Im wanting to join a club and do some competitive fishing. done with the rock and surf thing.

I can recommend Bayside who is the WCBAA chapter for mostly our southern suburb anglers.

Other alternatives are Tygerberg and Tafelberg who are generally more Northern Suburbs chapters.

PM your details and I will send you contact details for all the various chairmen.
Regards Robert Jacobs
Dont forget Highlands...
Yes they are an option as well.
Regards Robert Jacobs
Welome to BFSA Fighting Frog.

You more than welcome to join us at the next FLW season.
That Vx will go like stink with a 200 Opti on the back...

Make sure you prop it correctly and everyone will have a hard time catching you on the water.

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