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Mercury Amatola Bass Classic 2018

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The date is set and the prize is secured. Herewith the details of the next Classic:





And to wet your appetite a little more, herewith the 2016 & 2017 slideshows:

Chaps, that boat has to have a winner and it wont be you if you don't enter to's the right thing to do, well if you can. Big Grin
That boat is pretty much the next one I would choose ;-)
Regards Robert Jacobs
(02-02-2018, 08:29 PM)Navrik Wrote: That boat is pretty much the next one I would choose ;-)

We will give you one, if you catch the biggest fish............!
very tempting...
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Howsit guys..
Hope everyone well and getting on some good sessions..

If anyone is looking for a fishing partner to join in costs and fish the competition together please give me a shout..I realise no one knows me or who I am from a bar of soap but I'm keen,young,eager and can pull my own weight and more if needed....
So badly would love to expierence a bass fishing contest...

Lekker gents...
Keep well everyone
I will keep an eye and an ear open for you boet but no promises.
Thanks Rip....that's really awesome of you..even if nothing pops up I'm still appreciative...

Heck il give my full personal biography if someone needs convincing hahahaha...

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