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My heavy and I got a pass to go fishing this weekend with the only condition that we take the kids with.

We picked the kiddos up from school and after a quick stop for fuel we were on our way to Hazelmere Dam.


When we got to the dam at about 14h30 the thermometer in the car read 40 degrees and setting up camp was a bit of a task.

Unfortunately the weatherman was spot on with his predictions and at about 16h00 a massive storm pulled through which made for an interesting evening with 3 kids Smile



Fortunately they were pooped and passed out rather early which gave the adults some time to sit around the fire and contemplate life.


Saturday dawned and the weather was perfect for fishing.  Overcast with a slight drizzle every now and again.


I hadn't been to Hazelmere since it filled up after the dam wall was lifted and it is a totally new dam with awesome structure.  Truly any bass fisherman's dream.  Lilypads galore, flooded timber, riprap, roads, flooded ablusion blocks - no name it.

The fishing was exactly what was needed with 3 kids on board - dinks aplenty and a couple decent fish thrown in the mix.

Not sure why the images aren't showing?

Some of the fish


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Thats just lekker Jos. Always good to take tent pitchers and beer fetchers with Smile
Lekka Jos. Thanks for sharing!

It is lekka to fish with kids until it is not cool to spend a day on the water with dad anymore  Big Grin
Regards Robert Jacobs
Very nice Jos. I was also planning to go to the dam until I got a dangerous storm warning. Well done, you stuck it out and it payed off.

Two questions for admin. The last two pics are viewing sideways but if I click on the pic it opens in another tab but they are straight.
The entire thread is viewed in the portal window, should that not just be a list of recent activity.
The more I learn about fishing the more I realise
how much more I have to learn about fishing.
If I am not mistaken, this happens when you load a post with pictures from a mobile phone - which will load the pics in the orientation the phone was positioned in when the snap shot was taken.

On another forum I am a part of, iPhone's have a habit of loading the pics inverted.

But this is just a guess, I'm just a dumb ass salesman
The storm came but was not nearly as bad as we thought it was going to be.

Lots of rain but the 60km/h winds never came.

There is a massive lapa at the camp site and we took refuge there whilst the heaviest part of the storm was 'raging'.
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Great report! thanks jos. My recent trip there was a shocker. But I've heard great reports. good to know us parents are able to bring our kids along camping! need to show this to the wife!
[Image: bass_warehouse-logo-jpeg.jpg]
You must certainly do that.

Camping and fishing are the memories of my dad which are the fondest. Trying to create some awesome ones for my boy to remember and tell his kids about one day.
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Its great to do this with the kids and be the custodian of their boat and fishing tackle Smile

Only problem is trying to convince the wife that the boys have asked for a bigger boat, and you being the custodian, have agreed with them...
Its just a pity that my ability to agree to anything remotely related to spending more than R10 vests in my wife Wink
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Dont feel alone Jos Big Grin

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