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Hey Guys

i am from JHB edenvale area.
New to the forum, not so new to fishing been fly fishing for many years
but over the December holidays i discovered bass fishing and now cant get enough.

I am also super keen to try get into competitive bass fishing.
So really hoping to learn from all the more experienced guys on here.

Hi Bs, 

Welcome to the forum. It might be a little slow (for the time being) since the hack last year, but the forum will slowly get back to its heyday. 

So, competition fishing hey? Are you married? Have kids? Seriously though, comp fishing takes up a lot of time, and quite honestly, I personally think it is a very selfish aspect of our sport. I do comp fishing - divisionals and the odd money trail - and its selfish from the fact that its only me that gets to enjoy it, whilst my family has to contend with other things to do whilst I fish. But, I do enjoy the comp scene. 

What type of comp fishing do you want to get into? I suppose really that it boils down to having a boat or having a float tube. 
For a boat, there are many comps to enter. Divisionals (for provincial and national ranking) and then FLW/C4C/Ebass/A4A etc are the local money trails where its all about cash and no national ranking. (Some divisional anglers do divisionals and money trails). To do divisionals you need to be a member of a club and SABAA, for the rest its just pitch up to the event, pay entry and off you go. 
For a tube there is the bass challenge series which caters for small tubs and float tubers. Honestly, I think these guys have more fun than us on the boats... I am not 100% sure of the entry formats and events, but the host website can give you more info:

I think bass fishing is less expensive than trout fishing - we dont need the fancy brand name clothing in camo format to be accepted into the groups Smile. But, as they say that you're now hooked, it will cost some ronts at the tackle shop. 

Normally in the past on this forum chaps used to ask for info on dams and spots to fish the up coming weekend, but this hasnt happened in a while. So if you need some info on where to fish, pop a thread onto the forum and I'll try help out as best possible without giving away toooooo many secrets.
What Jim said...
Regards Robert Jacobs
Welcome Black Sheep. I was going to say welcome BS but that didn't seem right for a first greeting. Big Grin

Ja what JFZ said.
The more I learn about fishing the more I realise
how much more I have to learn about fishing.
Hey black sheep. Good to see that the bass epidemic is spreading. Seems like in KZN there are also a ton of newbies. That drought nearly killed us though!
[Image: bass_warehouse-logo-jpeg.jpg]
Welcome Black sheep.

Enjoy your stay. Will be lekker to see some reports from Jozi.

Thanks Jim for the awesome post and making the 'Newbies' feel welcome.

Happy fishing Black Sheep

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