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FishTec Lowrance

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Hopefully FishTec needs no introduction here at BFSA, but for those that have just recently joined the group or bass fishing in South Africa, here it is:-

FishTec is a husband / wife (John / Colleen Easton) partnership since 2009 where the main focus was on creating accurate charts for our inland waters of Southern Africa and teaching users how to get the best out of their marine electronics investment.

I have two self published on-line books, Fisherman's Guide to Sonar and Fisherman's Guide to Sonar II focusing on installation and setup and can be bought on-line at

FishTec also had a slot on TV's Supersport 8 under the old ESA then ASFN series, called 'Knowing your Electronics' and ran for 3 years.

Unfortunately we had no way of protecting our charts from being copied in the early days and while the charts were being distributed like wildfire across SA, the revenue from that soon dried out.  This has changed recently as FishTec and Navico entered a partnership and the charts are now fully encrypted and protected.

The up side to the charts was that Lowrance was very quickly becoming the number one brand amongst SA bass fishermen due largely to these FishTec charts that could only be used on a Lowrance chart plotter.  The obvious choice however was to become a Lowrance on-line dealer.

One of the biggest problems in South Africa when it came to marine electronics, was the price of the units compared to the likes of Bass Pro Shops, Cabelas etc. in the USA.  That is when the battle began to reduce these prices that were sometimes more than three times the price locally.  The problem with local prices is not just about the SA Distributor demanding high prices from the dealers, but dealers demanding a high return on each unit sold, and this is the number one cause for high local prices.

In 2017 we had one of our biggest victories following a very important face to face meeting with the local distributor, the overseas supplier and myself.  This resulted in a major price drop across the board and in particular, the amazing EliteTi 9 and 12 inch units that were just released, could now be bought right here in SA for less than importing yourself!

In 2018, FishTec started focusing on the more entry and mid range units, and as many of you are aware, we are offering the best prices ever seen on the new Hook2 range.  

The EliteTi and Carbon units are also reduced price wise due to the stronger Rand and our 20% discount on top of that.

FishTec delivers nationwide within 1-3 working days and offers a three year warranty on all units.

For sales / delivery advice please contact Colleen, or for technical assistance myself.

John Easton

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Nice to see the consumer winning a bit. Thanks John!
Regards Robert Jacobs
Welcome back Fishtec.

Hopefully we will be checking some great info regarding electronics on this forum.

Also wanna thank you for speedy and professional service.

Looking forward to my new unit.

Welcome back on BFSA John. Well, it can definitely be said that your meeting was successful and the current prices are very good.
I know the viewership and participation declined steeply in the changeover of this forum but it is slowly coming back.
From an educational point of view, what ideas have you possibly to spur some interest on this site besides the tons of info available elsewhere and also on social media? Just an idea...............

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