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Hi guys

I'm new to bass fishing. Looking forward to interacting with all you experts and learning about bass fishing.

Welkom Gdl

Usual rules apply... No carp talk... Unless you're Nav, then spell check applies

But welcome to ask any other quetions
Welcome GDL

What are your local waters and what do float on.

This is for Admin. We used to have a location setting under your name.
Is there no way we can incorporate that again so we know were members are from.
The more I learn about fishing the more I realise
how much more I have to learn about fishing.
Welcome GysDL! Please let us know where you are from.

Andy, Jonni please see the request to add a location to the registration page please...
Regards Robert Jacobs
Hey Gys

Welcome, you will find this forum interesting and extremely helpful.
I myself am new to the sport and have so much to learn.
I find that although questions have been asked previously, if I re-ask the question, there will always be a pleasant and decent reply. There is a great humor amongst the guys and if you do a spell check before posting, you will be relatively safe. I try to sneak the word "Carp" in every now and then just to keep Jim_from_Zim also known as JFZ on his toes.

Just be very careful, you start with a rod and reel and do a little bank angling. Very soon you cannot drive past a fishing shop without having to stop just to see if they don't have a new soft bait that you may have missed. You end up looking for a boat because you convince yourself that life just cannot go on without one. This is an addiction and everyone in the support group has the same addiction and they just drag you down deeper.

If you are lucky, your better half keeps an eye on you and keeps you in check. My better half is my fishing partner and every time I look at a rod she reminds me that one would not suffice.

Don't say that you have not been warned.

By the way guys, Gys is one of us from the Great Smoke.
An avid outdoor guy that does rock climbing, diving and even has a few musical bones in his body.
Walter Kutcher
Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin ... Humour... You crack me up  Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin
Hi Guys

I'm based in Gauteng. I've gone out bass fishing about three times since I came across bass fishing thanks to WalterK introduced me to it, but as luck would have it I haven't even caught on bass...clearly still have a lot to learn.
Dont worry, even the pro's blank

Just stick at it and ask questions when you need to.

Do you boat or bank bash? Where abouts in josi are you?
Currently still bank angling until I can get a boat. I'm based in Germiston

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