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Bassmaster and Roy go Fishing...

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he bm did the owner of your secret dam stock it with baitfish like telapia, those largies sure are getting big?
As far as I know there are Bluegill and Trout not sure about anything else. They seem to do fine, loads of frogs in this spot to.
Sometimes the fishing is so bad not even the liars catch anything!!!!
bm and roy it looked like fun, well done and thanks for the good feedback and vids.
Well done Nadene. Anyone can catch a fish, but only a select few can film the event :lol:
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ja swaar those bass would love the platannas, ever tried the zoom horny toad?
i have tried it at bullshoek , with no luck!
i have heard that trout is 1 of the best food sources for bass, blue gill have very little protein and do get stuck in the throats of bass.

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