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Settlers Dam

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Just another place to look at fishing in eastern cape.

About 15 km outside Grahamstown on way to Port Elizabeth there is a lovely dam in the Thomas baines nature reserve - just follow rd down will see dam up front (settlers dam) Public are allowed to fish there. We used small boats with small petrol motors (need to find out from the municipality or boat club - regards bigger boats and motors) Often caught nice bass there.

Only thing is to watch out for the rhino (Thomas) friendly but can do damage.

This is where I learnt my bass fishing while at school in Grahamstown. I think motors up to 5HP are allowed (might be 15HP?) but the dam is of a size that a small boat is fine to get around. It does have some decent fish, but to my knowledge has never been popultate withj Florida strain, so consider 2Kg a good fish! Beautiful dam though - sunken timber, cliffs, lillies the works...great place to take the kids, have a braai over luch etc
hi there!
i live in grahamstown settlers dam is a lovely dam to fish for bass.there is currently a active fresh water club running.dam at moment is about 5% full.

There are other great dams around Grahamstown - also very near to town. I dont know if you know of them. They have bass and trout in them
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there are other dams,ciskei,farm dams etc! but in the e/cape no rain means no water means no bass! we are all praying for rain! hope it comes soon.

We will join you in the prayers for rain.. southern cape around Mosselbay I know has been struggling as well!
Regards Robert Jacobs
Hiya Bresby, 5% is pretty hectic, I hope that some of our rain comes your way, we've actually had enough of it it now :blue-rolleyes: It would be lekker to hear from Eastern Cape members, I love those waters, I've only fished Wriggleswade and Elandsjacht / Impofu and have had some fantastic times on them.
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