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Got limit, now only four!

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Howzit guys
Ok so we fished Renosterkop yesterday for limpopo bett not a bad days fishing for some boats BUT a bad day for the bass. I mean they just die for no reason . OK before anyone gets worked thinking that its just hanky dory by the organisers standards its far from that .
Every boat i saw come in had a towel over the top of the livewell which was wet and sure there air-raters were on . I heard of many guys saying one min the fish were fine and next min flat on bottom not turning or looking suspect just DEAD!!!!!!!

I consider myself as quite a conservationst and this was very disturbing . Why would they die so quickly and so easily? Water temp was 26.5 deg in dam i have fished waters of 32 deg having a full livewell and zero fatalities for the day - wierd. Have any of you guys had similar experiences and what did you do ? No dont have salt tab or O2 pills i pump FRESH water in hourly and air rate constantly and put ice in well ( i know too much ice will kill too) and do the wet towel thing.

What should that temp be in livewell if dam is 26 deg maybe 3-5 deg cooller i dont know ????????????? This kind of thing happens all over and its only guys and galls like us who would do something, or address the problem after all its our sport and we are passionate about it .(anyone who stands on a 2sqare meter area in 40+deg heat all day," LOVING it" damm you ether crazy or very passionate about it ,my wife says crazy)
Its sad to see all those fish dead really we should do something about it.
Barbless Wrote:anyone who stands on a 2sqare meter area in 40+deg heat all day," LOVING it" damm you ether crazy or very passionate about it ,my wife says crazy

Hehe.. :blue-biggrin:

I have never lost a fish in a compo, except for the ones you hook real bad, but that is a different story. Sucks non the less. Alexis also told me everyone lost fish like crazy!!
Ive never put ice in the water, or salt, or anything else for that matter. I just hit the circulate button and pump fresh dam water in 24/7. I feel you must keep it as natural as possible, I mean if they come from the dam why change the water that they are used to. Ohh, and keep that lid closed so that it is dark. Maybe ill fall short someday, but I believe in not changing a winning recipe.

Would love to hear how your day went. And if you guys eventually got on the fluke. You did get a very decent bag in the end!! Well done!!
One fish can change it all.....
Pity about your last fish. I fished RDW this weekend and remembered the lifejacket over the hatch to help keep it cool.
My one fish was so bloody frisky it jumped clean out the weigh bag ( with a little help from my partner ) :blue-evil: I guess it didnt want to be weighed
Musta been a female :blue-biggrin:
I was there and has never lost a fish in a comp before aswell!,(accept if it was badly hooked),but we lost three fish ? :blue-evil: Personaly I think the outside temp was just to hot :redface: a lot of guys lost fish ?and to add I think you are using it as an excuse ha ha !? :blue-lol:I agree with August that you should keep it as natural as you can but I dont think there was a selution on Sat ?The thing is they didnt show signs of stress or anything ,the one moment they were fine and the next flat on the bottom of the well :blue-evil:

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