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Anglers Talk

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Hi everyone

Well the first issue of Anglers Talk has hit the shelves and features the first BFSA article. It's free so keep an eye open for it...

The first article is based on a broader topic and focuses on taking pictures of fish and how to be prepared to capture the memories of your awesome catches! Hope you enjoy it.

I have already submitted a few for the next 3 months so check them out...

Thank you to everyone who did submit an article, I do need more so keep them coming. Ill also distribute a couple around the local shops and hopefully at the next Money Trail depending on how many they send me.

Sometimes the fishing is so bad not even the liars catch anything!!!!
One fish can change it all.....
August,skryf daar ietsie vir BM :blue-biggrin:
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Yay...cant believe its out already

Il defn be looking for it tomorow
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Hey People

The Anglers Talk has finally arrived at my door and it's great! The article stretches over 3 pages with some great pics. Im glad to report that it is a good quality mag especially seen that it is free and I hope it stays around for a while. Unfortunately I only received a few copies, Ill ask him where the rest are so I can get them to some of the shops around town.

Well done to Marlon and Thanks to everyone who has submited an article so far. Keep em coming... :blue-cool:
Sometimes the fishing is so bad not even the liars catch anything!!!!

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