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Posting Pictures

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Hi Everyone

As we have had a few queries about uploading pics to the gallery and then the forum, we decided to do a quick Tutorial for you.

How to load pics to the gallery:

> Click on the "Your Account" link at the top of any page.
> You will then find a gallery link in your profile. Click on the gallery link.

[Image: uploadpic1.jpg]

> This will bring you to the upload form/area.
> Please give your picture a meaningful description. (Step 1)
> Next choose the gallery you wish to load your picture to. (Step 2)
> The Alternative text and Description options are optional, although more info about the picture is always welcome. :blue-cool:
> Next click on the browse button (Step 3)

[Image: uploadpic2.jpg]

> This will open the browse window. Navigate to and select your picture. (Step 4)
> Click the open button of the browser window. (Step 5)

[Image: uploadpic3.jpg]

> You will now see that there is a picture ready to be uploaded. (Step 6)
> You ready to go! Click the Upload button and your pic will be uploaded. (Step 7)
Please note that the bigger your pictures are the longer they will take to upload. Please be patient.

[Image: uploadpic4.jpg]

Once complete you will see the latest picture loaded to the gallery. Hope the instructions are clear :blue-cool:

How to post pictures to the Forum
Once you have loaded your picture. You can now view the picture in the gallery and copy and paste the source code to the forum exactly where you would like the picture to appear.

[Image: uploadpic5.jpg]
Sometimes the fishing is so bad not even the liars catch anything!!!!
Thanks for taking the trouble do build this tutorial. I am sure quite a few of the newbies (and a few oldbies) appreciate this very much.

I must say the site makes things a bit easier.

The previous site made even IT professionals sweat a bit before they figured it out :blue-biggrin:
Regards Robert Jacobs
Great stuff. Thanks for the assist.
Question - Why is my pic so big? (please note there is no "R" in pic) :blue-badgrin:
I posted a pic of my pedestal chair but it looks like the one at Joshua Doore. Remember him? :eusa_think: (you have an uncle in the furniture business)
Yes indeed.
Even a doff dude like me can do something now :blue-biggrin:

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