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Middle letaba Dam

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Does anyone know why middle letaba dam not filling up when 99% of the Limpopo dams are 100% full.

This dam has been battling for quite a while now.

It was right down to 2% before coming back up to to about 18% but it does not seem to be catching water ???

At present back down to 15%
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Always letting water out!
One fish can change it all.....

Middle Letaba Dam use to be one of the best dams in Limpopo we even compared it with ZIM at one stage there in 2005.
We have fished it when it was a 100% full but back then the fishing was very tough but we use to cache a lot of Bream on Topwater lures in the shallows.

On one of the Club Comps I caught a 1.25 Kg Smallmouth Bass which I belief was the 1st and last one ever to be caught abd my Biggest Largie was 3 Kg

The Dam doesn’t have a constant strong river flowing in to the Dam and the biggest factor is that there are no proper rainwater catch-up areas to drain in to the rivers. And they are constantly letting water out for all the farmers downstream.

[Image: Oct2005-072.jpg]
[Image: IM000593.JPG]
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Thanks Ras

Sad to see such a large body of water go to waste let alone the huge bass that have come out of it.

Nice bass GRRR!!!

Hope the powers to be get a move on and sort the issues out, maybe tap into another river.
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