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As some members have mentioned it's not in keeping with the spirit of this community to sign up and make 1 or 2 posts with items for sale. I think that nobody has a problem with members using the forum to sell their stuff but the unwritten expectation (until now) has been that you would be a contributor first then a seller afterwards. I would ask the mods to keep an eye open for the practice and consider removing such posts. I don't know if other members agree, maybe I'm out of line here?
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Bassassin,I agree with you,nothing in life is free,if contribution in the form of posts on the forum is payback,so let it be.If there is no control then this will be a regular gumtree type of site. :blue-biggrin:
Was just thinking the same thing. There is mos a forsale section anyway. Was scared something like this was going to happen. All of a sudden there is a lot of meaningless posts.
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Sorry guy's, I will make sure that this does not happen again.....We have no problem with regular members whom post to share information as well as contribute to our site, posting goods of there own for sale....

We are not a gumtree site and unfortunately, as we knew when we opened the site there would be a "teething period" pertaining to this kind of problem, but with a keener eye we will eradicate this.

The forums in question I have deleted.

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There should be a dedicated "For Sale / To Swop" section on the site.

No matter whether a member has been 5 years on the site and made 5 000 posts or 1 day on the site and only made 1 post they should all be permitted to make for sale posts but it must be in a dedicated for sale section.

There is a place for something like this, all forums have it. It is nice to go and look for a bargain now and again (the more the better), but it must be on the member's own terms and when he or she wants to go and have a look and not forced to see it because it is slap bang in the main forum.

My 2c worth.
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I'm guilty, sorry guys! The plan is to become more active here so you will see a bit more of me in the future!
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:blue-evil: I agree that the forum should not turn into another gumtree site,( that has been taken over by big businesses anyhow) but I don't think "for sale" postings by dedicated members should be a problem. Is that not in keeping with the spirit of the forum? Is that not all part of the nice warm feeling of brotherhood shared by fellow bassers?
I'm not quite sure I like being told what I'm allowed to post on the forum ? ? ? I need to think about this one. :eusa_think:
Apologies, intention was definitely not to annoy anyone or go against forum policy by posting items for sale before contributing. Now I know. Wont happen again. I thought I did post under for sale section, obviously I did something wrong. For those out on the water this weekend, enjoy :blue-smile:
Bombasstic, if you read my post and the others properly you'll see that his is exactly what has been contributors are welcome to advertise their stuff. My words were that it's not ok for somebody to sign up with the sole purpose of advertising something.
The gods do not deduct from a man's allotted span on this earth the hours spent in fishing ~Babylonian Proverb
Bassassin - I did read your post "properly" and was agreeing with your view. My post was more in answer to Ninja who felt that he did not want to be forced to see ads slap bang in the main forum. I was just saying that I liked the easy flow of the forum as it is. Obviously it must be protected against "users". If I am not in the market for a "Garmin 160" that's been advertised, and I don't feel like reading it, I just don't open the posting.
I don't think members selling their personal stuff for a bargain is an issues as much as people plugging a certain brand name or spamming the site. Now that will not be acceptable. :blue-evil:

If you have a Rod, Reel or boat to sell, you will only sell a boat once and maybe 3 or 4 rods and if not we will soon pick up a pattern of a tackle shop plugging their product.

But yes we need to curb it before it get to the Gumtree state.
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On the subject of abuse. I would also like the members to inform me or any admin person if anyone sends you unwanted PM's advertising items or trying to sell you stuff. I would appreciate it. Thanks :blue-cool:

VX70 you have been a member for ages so you are def not guilty boet. :blue-smile:
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bassmaster Wrote:VX70 you have been a member for ages so you are def not guilty boet. :blue-smile:

I do not agree with "old" members may advertice vs "new" members may not. The question that BFSA must ask themselves is - Does BFSA permit advertising yes or no?

I vote - YES deffinately but in a dedicated section where I as member can go and visit it when I want to, it is as simple as that.

By setting standards of who may advertice and what brand they may advertice and only when they have been so long or so short on the site is a load ob bull! :blue-evil:
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A brand new member come on the site and his first posting is the sale of his bass boat. He post it in the "for sale" sections under "boats" and one of our mebers that have been on the site for 6 years and was looking for a specific boat see it and buy it, just what he was looking for for the last 6 years - What the heck is wrong with that in fact it will be Kudus for BFSA if you ask me. Think carefully before intodusing silly standards and gateways only for long serving members and buddys, it is going to back fire badly on BFSA.

Now that's my last 2c.
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Im all for people selling their stuff here, personally I have benefitted from people selling their tackle on BFSA.
If a manufacturer/rep signs up then he/she should introduce themselves first so everybody knows whats going on. Like Roy and Yamamoto for example.
Maybe if the For Sale section is not link to the Latest Forum Replies, then they wont be so obvious/intrusive/dominating on the Latest Forum Topics panel on the side of the page, so you will have to go look in the For Sale section.

And of course get the 'OK' from Admin
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