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Who's the Boss

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Who's the Boss,

I think I know the answer to this question but it would be great if the "Boss" can reply and and give us all a bit of back ground as well as a historic overview of BFSA.

When the new site was launched I noted under "Contact Us" that there was an Owner, Co-Owner and an Events Coordinator. Off late I see no more Co-Owner, perhaps the feedbak by the "Boss" will include some explanatory on this as well.

Think it would be great for all, young and old, new and longstanding to get such an overview. :blue-cool:
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Nice one Neels...interested to know
Hi Guys

The history of BFSA is as follows.... I started BFSA in 2002 as back then there were no reputable or informative bass fishing websites in SA. I started the website as I was a web developer and thought it would be cool for people to be able to share information from around the country on an ongoing basis. To be very honest it was kak when it started!! :blue-lol: However as I got better at my skills so did the website. I relaunched in late 2003 I think and the website took off like a bomb! We had over 2000 members in the next few years. As I noticed as is the case now people would sign up and not participate. Some people also just caused kak which really sucked... so I decided to make it a membership website and only paid up members could access the forums. This worked very well and everyone enjoyed the website but amazingly enough not everyone who paid participated?!! So it is a long standing issue and when people mention non participation now days I just sit back and laugh... been there got the t-shirt!

Rob Fisher also played a huge part in making BFSA what it is today and I can not thank him enough for what he done for this site. Rob is part of the furniture and I always have and always will value his input no matter if I like it or not. Mr Fisher, you are still a legend in my eyes and I will always owe you one. Rob went to great lengths to promote BFSA run the KZN BFSA socials and never once did I hear or see him ask for anything in return and often at his own expense made things happen. The KZN socials are still spoken about today by many people who attended the events, they were amazing to say the least. Thank you again Rob you are awesomeness!

BFSA is and always was made for it's members and not for my personal gain. I enjoyed making the website better and better as I went along. Suggestions from the members also helped and I made changes where I could. Not all suggestions are always viable unfortunately. BFSA took up 90% of my time... after work I would sit for hours working on the site, improving this changing that etc. It was and still is my life. I can not tell you how many hours I have put into BFSA, something like 7 years, 5 hours a day at the least and that is really no exaggeration. You can work it out....

Then early this year Chris asked if I would like to merge with As there where a few features that I did not have and liked very much and was struggling to implement I agreed. We would become partners and he would be a partner of BFSA. He also had a team of people (as that is what his business is) to re-design the site and implement the changes to what it is now. Carl and Chris also wanted me to make the site free again... which after some deliberation and concerns I did. The site has grown much quicker than it was due to this fact but we still have the same issues with members :blue-rolleyes: . At least back then I had some for of extra income which helped me tremendously.... those days seem to now have slipped away... my bank manager has also noted this... :blue-lol: Although when the bass fishing industry finally wake up and realise how big BFSA actually is and the exposure they will get from advertising with us maybe the coins will return to my pocket... or at least that is what I am hoping. Who knows, maybe one day the owner of one of the biggest and best bass fishing sites in SA will actually own his own boat?!! hahaha :blue-biggrin:

So who is the boss? Well in a nutshell I would have to say the overall boss of BFSA is me. Chris is what we will call a not so silent partner/co-owner :blue-biggrin: and Bergie is in charge of arranging events and coordinator of the Money Trail. You guys are welcome to correct me if I am wrong with the position descriptors.

At the end of the day I have been running this website for many years, been there done that and have seen and dealt with many different things online... good bad and ugly. It is not and easy job. It is easy sitting behind a keyboard and judging people for actions they take or don't take or wanting to make your point heard... now imagine being the person who has to try and control that? mmmmm.... anyway, Im not complaining as I have said, been there done that and know how to deal with most things... sometimes I am wrong and sometimes I am right. I am only human, people who may judge me for my actions here on BFSA are more than welcome to... most of the judge's have never been in my position... and I don't really care or let it hassle me, the log out button is clearly marked at the top of the page. I know when I have made mistakes and am not to scared to say so.

Ok, so now you know the story behind BFSA. I hope I answered all your questions and made things a bit easier to understand.

Two things to remember. Number 1 and most importantly, this site is made by it's members for it's members. And number 2, you cant keep everyone happy all the time.

Cheers. :blue-cool:
Sometimes the fishing is so bad not even the liars catch anything!!!!
Ja ja, let BM carry on thinking he's the boss :blue-badgrin: :blue-biggrin: :blue-badgrin:
The gods do not deduct from a man's allotted span on this earth the hours spent in fishing ~Babylonian Proverb
I have been on this site quite a few years now and have enjoyed every minute. Even my facebook page takes a back seat for BFSA.

It's been an amazing journey watching this site grow and can only applaud all the work gone in to make this the best site buy far :eusa_clap:

bassmaster Wrote:amazingly enough not everyone who paid participated?!! So it is a long standing issue and when people mention non participation now days I just sit back and laugh...

There are many reasons why people do not participate and it's not because they are roof lookers (what ever that means). They are not trying to take with out giving. When I first joined it took me a while before I started to contribute.

I had no idea what a forum was and no idea how to start, you just look and learn and there is no harm in that. For some it is shyness and people feel that they are outsiders. I say keep looking, some day you will contribute and that will open the flood gates. Until then keep surfing. :blue-biggrin:
The more I learn about fishing the more I realise
how much more I have to learn about fishing.
Shane, I wouldn't want your job for all the world, it's much easier to be a member and sit back and b!tch about stuff. Seriously you do a fantastic job, BFSA wouldn't be what it is otherwise :eusa_clap:

Ninja Wrote:When the new site was launched I noted under "Contact Us" that there was an Owner, Co-Owner and an Events Coordinator. Off late I see no more Co-Owner, perhaps the feedbak by the "Boss" will include some explanatory on this as well.
Ninja, I took my name and email off the page because an email address on a website brings tons of Spam :blue-evil:
The gods do not deduct from a man's allotted span on this earth the hours spent in fishing ~Babylonian Proverb
I have been a member for a long time now and all I can say is BFSA has made me a better fisherman. I love this sport and I love this site I have made great friends big and small fat and thin whahahaha.

BM I see you failed to mention the guy that gives you free stuff lol ME!!!

BFSA ROCKS HARD!!!! and will always have my support and be part of my life.
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Thanx for the Explanation and the web site BM
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Shane all I can say is you rock boet!

I would like to thank you on behalf of anyone that has ever been or ever will be a member of BFSA. We appreciate every second you put in to make BFSA THE NO 1 BASS FISHING WEBSITE IN THE WORLD!

It took me a while to take the plunge and register (just over a year ago when it was still a pay-for-view site) but I have not regretted that decision for a minute.

As soon as anyone of my 2 small sideline businesses are in the position to advertise your door will be the first one I knock on. Also thanks to your not so silent partners-in-crime Bergie and Bassassin. Bergie for organising and negotiating on our behalf and Bassassin and his team for the new website with all the constant innovation. You are right BA - BFSA innovate - others imitate! Also to RobFisher for all his behind the scene support your refer to. Rob I have been a big admirer of you and Howie since the ESA BASS days!

I have gotten hours of enjoyment in reading and posting on the site and where there finances and schedule allowed the BFSA Money Trail comps. Keep up the good work boet and even if you make it a pay-for-view site again you can still count on my support!

To all the new friends I made on the site - catch you on the water guys and girls! I made more friends in one year than I made in the previous 8 years living in the Cape.
Regards Robert Jacobs
Hell, well, were do I even begin to start. I joined BFSA late in 2008 while still in pta. Little did I know I would be it the cape a short while later. At last I found a place where I could tell my stories, and be met by people and comments that carried the same enthusiasim as me. I got addicted badly and hit a 1000 points in just over a year.

Moving to the cape I had zero fishing buddies. The BFSA guys made me feel at home ASAP and was willing to share, and cared a lot. The two years fishing in the cape was tremendous. The friendships made even more so. EVen a 1500km away you guys still help with everything and anything.

This year BFSA made a dream come true by giving us a sponsorship. A name I carry broadly and work my arse off to keep high. I cannot begin to explain what this ment and how it helped us this year. Shane, Chris and Bergie I cannot thank you enough.
BFSA is the site I visit the most, and will stay so as long as it is there.

I thank you.
One fish can change it all.....
What an awesome read. Incredible commitment and dedication. Shano this speaks volumes of the type of person you are and for precisely that reason I think the site has enjoyed the success it has. Well done to you Bud and may you very soon reap the rewards of your valiant efforts. With your "new" partnership I am sure the site will grow from strength to strength. Wishing you every success for the future and thanking you for making a difference in our Bassing lives..Well Done!

August I cant think of a better ambassador for BFSA..your sponsorship is well deserved. Wishing you every success and I believe that you will make BFSA proud. I will be watching the series and rooting for you !
Thanks for the kind words Shaney Baby… but I have to say I got as much out of BFSA (if not more) than I put in… not that either of us are counting… when I stumbled across the only bass forums for SA online all those years ago I was as green as a newbie could be… I knew diddly squat and I learnt a huge amount from the guys on BFSA…

I will always consider BFSA my home!

I know I have been rather quiet in online forums of late but that’s because I have been enjoying my retirement and concentrating on relaxing and chilling and travelling… I also have found that ignoring potential flame wars and the odd dickhead’s posting good for my karma…

I will be around for a few weeks and then off overseas again for another month… we will be slumming it in this little villa on the coast…

[Image: ovacik-home-turkish-rentals-villa-saklibache-34569.jpg]

I have to say I’m very happy the site has been opened to the world and is free… I just wish there was financial reward for the dedication shown by Shaney Baby!
Regards Rob
Vice President SABAA Natal
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Hi All
I've been out of the loop a bit re this site and bass fishing.
Great to see the site is open again. I must say, what a lot of you guys probably don't see is the way this site is being promoted on the internet now.
This means a lot to generate more interest and will hopefully soon attract proper investment and revenue for the boss-men.

Great job you doing guys regarding SEO and Social networking awareness. I hope it pays off for you soon.
Wow the prodigal son returns...welcome back Q :blue-biggrin:

Thought you drowned at Groenvlei or something.... :blue-confused:
Regards Robert Jacobs
This site has "Flamed my Passion" Bassfishing...meeting and befriending the folks on this site a bonus.
I can remember going out of my way to meet Carl who flew up from Cape Town at Pomerobs Pub "The Deck in Edenvale" Fishing was discussed and practised at 2 am in the morning at Pomerobs swimming Pool after a looong night in the Pub.
I threw in the towel at 12pm lol :blue-badgrin:

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