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Brakkeduine 14-15/10 report

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We left for Brakkeduine around 0700 hrs and got there around 0900 hrs Friday morning. It was unbelievable to see how much water there is and also to see that we were the only people booked in for the weekend. Out of season this dam is seriousely under utilised. Must admit I am very happy about that though. Launched the boat and headed into the first inlet on the right of the launch site. There is still lots of flooded vegitation, most of it is still full of slime which made it difficult to fish but there is a lot of port jacksons willows flodded but still alive and this is where we found most of the fish. I decided to swim a jig through any openings and was very surprised when I took the first fish about 10 minutes later. My partner took his first on a spinner bait which was his bait of choice. Around 1300 hrs the wind was gale force so we took revuge on the shore until the wind died down. We took 22 fish the first day. Saturday saw us on the water by 0530 and we took three bass in quick succession. We thought we were going to kill the bass but then it went dead and we only managed to catch one more bass befor packing up 1000 hrs because the wind was picking up again and my trolling motor prop was missing a blade thanks to hitting a submerged stump while retreiving a lure.

In the end we got 26 fish for what was basically one full days fishing. Which is a lot better than we expected.

Sorry no pics this time.
Thanks for the report back Lefty.

Good to know there is another dam for our todo lists :blue-biggrin:
Regards Robert Jacobs
Hi Lefty,
Thanks for the report....sounds as good as it looks. This must be one of the best looking small dams I've seen in a while. It looked very protected from the wind, thanks for the wind warnings ! What else worked ? Creatures, brushogs etc? What does Chokkie charge these days ?
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Hi Lew, Choppie charges ZAR 100.00 per night to hire the caravan and ZAR 50.00 launching charge p/p. I am not sure what the camping rate is.

I mainly used a jig and also took a few on crank bait. My partner used spinner bait and fluke. I dont think it really matters what you throw as the fish are very aggresive and they jumped on the lure as soon as it hit the water. He also got some blue gill on a very small crank bait. The bluegill were ready to pop so they will spawn very soon, perfect timing for the bass.


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