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BFSA Mobile

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IssiAmd Wrote:@Ninja

With opera you probably have to zoom in/out constantly to navigate around the site no?
This is because of the resolution and size of your screen

A mobile version would allow you to view the entire page at a glance without having to do the zooming hence making navigation around the site a lot easier.

100% IssiAmd, although not a hassle it would make the navigation a bit more comfy.
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BfsaAdmin Wrote:We are busy working on a long overdue mobile site for BFSA and are looking for feedback from the members who make BFSA what it is, the greatest bass fishing site in the world, (well OK in South Africa anyway)..
What took so long, other similar sites went .mobi a long time ago! :blue-redface: I'm looking forward to hassle free mobile browsing!

You can loose the chatbox, banner, polls, advertisements, users on-line and latest forum topics/replies info from the .mobi site! Leave the juicy stuff like gallery and forums.

From my BB...
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