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Hi Guys

So after all the fun and games once again this week Brenden, Chair of the WC division has contacted me and we discussed the issues that have arisen from not only the posts of this week but from the past as well.
What I would like to say is this…
BFSA is and always will be willing to help and support SABAA and The WCBAA. Although BFSA has had disagreements in the past with SABAA the matters have been sorted out and I do not hold any grudges against them. In fact at the Money Trails there are a number of SABAA members who have supported the event, they are not against BFSA and we need to work with them to grown and protect the sport in the WC.
I am fully aware that there are members who have had disagreements with either SABAA or the WCBAA division, this is not a BFSA issue and I urge you to keep your private grudges against whoever it is to yourself and not make it a issues which reflects on BFSA as a whole. I am not asking or trying to make anyone kiss and make up but I would like everyone to stand back and look at the bigger picture of what needs to be done to help WC bass anglers grow this sport and to make sure we have pristine angling waters for many years to come. SABAA and the WCBAA are going to great lengths to help the conservation of the sport and I feel we should get more involved and help them in this plight.
I have also asked that SABAA and the WCBAA to be more involved on the website and communicate with us on what they are doing and how we could maybe help. I think if we all want to keep enjoying our awesome sport we need to work together and not against each other.
So in the spirit of BFSA I am asking all members to turn to a new page and let’s start working together so we can get back to enjoying the sport and not having these slandering matches anymore.

Below is the email Brenden has sent me and I would like the BFSA members to take note of what SABAA / WCBAA are doing to help bass fishing in the WC.

Thanks guys. I hope you can see it from my point of view. BFSA, SABAA and WCBAA are all interested in one thing, conserving and enjoying the sport of bass fishing for many years to come.



Hi Shane

I am writing this email for you to post on the site on behalf of our SABAA anglers and for the sake of peace between certain BFSA anglers and the SABAA anglers. My concerns are that your site is been used as a platform for certain persons to slate SABAA and its anglers and I along with your co operation, would like this to stop immediately for the benefit of our sport.
It is quite obvious that in the past we have had disagreements among our anglers and their perceptions of SABAA. Some of those that oppose SABAA, have never been members and it concerns me that they have so much to say behind their computers, but at the water these anglers have nothing to say. As you know there are quite a few SABAA anglers that are members of BFSA and support your events and it causes discomfort and embarrassment to those members when this animosity shows its head. I myself am one of those SABAA members and from the WP chair I would like to suggest that we communicate our concerns like gentlemen and give it some thought before we lose control of our emotions and have a repeat of what happened on Thursday.
I would like to think that we are all adults and should behave like that especially on a public site. By losing control and slating each other we not only irritate each other, but show our level of intelligence and character.

I have had discussions with various anglers during the week, before this uproar occurred, about ways to make it public for all to see what exactly SABAA does for the sake of our sport which benefits all.
What everyone needs to understand is that the executive committee and individuals are sacrificing their time at night to meet with the Authorities to discuss various issues regarding Alien Species and the management thereof. WCBAA meets with Dean Impson ( Cape Nature Conservation) and the Fresh water angling forum on a quarterly basis to discuss ways to work together so that ALL anglers may benefit and have bass to enjoy.
I have sent the minutes of this FAF meeting to be placed on this site for all to see.
Craig Fraser has had a very difficult time doing his utmost to get WCBAA access to the conservancy area at TWK, which I am sure, very few BFSA anglers even know about and also enjoy the benefit of this. This letter will also be made available for all to see.

WCBAA through the ELITE series fund raising, has made part of these funds available for Development of our sport as well as to be used for conservation. WCBAA in conjunction with Rhodes University will be doing research on all Western Cape dams to be able to advise us on the state of our fishery, once again for all to enjoy in the future.

Tafelberg bass anglers have taken the initiative and used funds generated from the TWK tournament to take +- 100 previously disadvantaged kids for the past 3 years to the dam, fed them and hosted seminars about conservation of our waters and its fish species in conjunction with Cape Nature.

What anglers need to know is that it is a requirement from SASCOC that we show development in our sport and what we as anglers are giving something back for us to be recognised as a sporting body. This in turn gives us the ammunition to liaise with the various bodies like waterworks and Cape Nature to allow us to have a fishery and to not irradiate our Bass.

So gentlemen please take all these things into consideration as to what is really going on behind the scenes from WCBAA and SABAA, before you get into a heated debate about our angling body and its anglers. We only have a few waters available for us to host our events and from time to time we will have to work around each other to make this possible, i will circulate the WCBAA generic calendar for all to see as soon as i have it available.

I have had a meeting with Carl on Thursday, gave him all the dates of events been held during this new season.

I personally will do whatever I can to help maintain peace and understanding among our anglers and will communicate as much as possible to keep this from happening again in future. Guys lets work things out and see how we can assist each other to make our waters a pleasant place for all to enjoy.

Yours truly
Brenden Gravenor
WP President.
Sometimes the fishing is so bad not even the liars catch anything!!!!
Hear hear.... Finally sanity prevails. Thanks for this guys. Pointing fingers at one another is not the solution. We need to work together for us all to be happy as well as to grow the money trail into something bigger and more successful. This unfortunately will never become a reality if we keep blaming one another for such trivial S..t. I say let by gones be by gones and lets all chill and work together....ahoy!
I am in full support of Shane, Brenden and Billy here.

Like our old motto used to say "Eendrag maak mag" - "Unity is strength".

Just because you do not agree with others do not make them wrong.
Regards Robert Jacobs
Please note I am not president of WCBAA, but WP ,Richard Watson is head of the division. Thank you guys for the help
Welcome to the site Brenden, great to hear from you and look forward to further input.

I think with a constant flow of information from both BFSA and SABAA incidents like what happened will cease, and conversations and opinions will flow normally as they should ,without knocking each other, as there IS no need for animosity between us at all....

Great one guy's....

Brenden, thanks for taking the time out with me theses last four years to help organise our annual Money Trail dates....Cheers boet.
"I don't exagerate...I think big!"
It IS good to have the 'generals' getting together because there is always going to be differences of opinion and comment to that effect.That difference is very seldom because one person does not belong to the other person's 'clan',but rather a differing of a personal issues.From the top tournament angler to the lowly bank angler,the passion for bass angling is the same,as well as the desire for the preservation of the resource.There is always a lot to learn from people with differing opinions and these opinions generate healthy and entertaining debate ,so long as that debate does not deteriorate into a personal public mudslinging event.Everyone has a common enjoy and conserve the sport.
Life is not about the number of breaths we make,but the moments that take our breath away.
Hear hear! Let's all fish together on Wednesdays.
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Good day to all my fellow bass anglers.

I have sat on the side line for some time now listening to all the comments from all on our sport. I had long discussions with some of our Executives of WCBAA of witch I am now the Divisional President and would like to say the following.

It will be a proud day fro me when both of our entities work as one, with us all having the same issues at heart, I do not see any reason for us not making a huge success of making our sport one of the best in the country.

I would now like to ask BFSA to nominate a person that would be willing to join me and my team as a co-opted member to assist in any issues we have and to ensure that there will always be a direct means of communication to all our anglers.
This person would be required to attend a monthly meeting and to table issues that need to be addressed by us, the same person would then be responsible to communicate all relevant issues to BFSA and to have this posted on the BFSA web for all to see so we get comments and proposals from all for the betterment of the sport.

Your comments on this would be most welcome.

Yours in angling

Richard Watson...... aka 'Richbass'.

For those that do not know who “richbass” is.
Good work chaps. :blue-cool:
[Image: Dreamfish.jpg]
A great suggestion richbass and I can only see good come from your suggestion.

I nominate Bergie,

He knows just about everyone and everything and he was Chairman of Bergvliet Angling club for years involved with SABAA......:blue-biggrin:
I think the relationship with Bergie is in place already so I second this idea.
Regards Robert Jacobs
"Assumptions" are dangerous as has become quite evident leading up to this stage. We all have ONE common goal and this is a great initiative!
Great Initiative. Thanks to Shane, Brenden and Richard taking the time to sort this out. From the WCBAA Elite Series we fully support the cause!
No problem guys. We need to work together to improve our sport and relationships.

As for the nominee for the link between BFSA and SABAA/WCBAA Vincent has kindly put up his hand and offered to make it happen. Thank you Vincent, we look forward to the feedback and forging the new relationship.

Sometimes the fishing is so bad not even the liars catch anything!!!!
As a person that has great passion for the sport and have to admit I do get on my high horse fairly quickly and I dish out just as good as I get it but this is great news. One can clearly see that the right guys are in the right positions now and can build and improve on what was missing for so many years.

I appreciate the call the other day from Brendan and we discussed the issues it felt like I was in a therapy session lol :blue-biggrin:

I respect guys that are willing to make a difference all I ever asked for was transparency and communication and it seems like we have the right guys now to make this happen.

I commend you.
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