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Paid subscription for BFSA forums or free?

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Poll: Would you prefer the BFSA forum to remain free or would you be prepared to pay a small annual subscription fee? The accommodation, MT, Events, Gallery and Where to Fish sections would always remain...
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Would pay
4 50.00%
Remain free
4 50.00%
Total 8 vote(s) 100%
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I expressed my view on another post but for completeness will add it to this post as well. Open source is cool but does not feed anyone.

It takes years of dedication to build up the knowledge to build and run a site like this with all the associated extras like the BFSA Money Trail with online and live scoring, etc.

So I would also vote for a paying site as I believe in giving credit where credit is due. Like Roy said this site and the friends I made on this site is a very important part of my life. I made more friends in the last 2 years on this site than my previous 7 years in the Western Cape (9 years total).

I also agree with some of the previous poster in that the quality has gone down. I am also missing the journal part that was on the side where I could keep accurate records of every time I went fishing.

The journal plus the log of where you stood in terms of posts are the 2 features I miss the most from the old site. Other than that then new site kicks ass and is way better!
Regards Robert Jacobs
I never quite understood why any fisherman would begrudge a payment of R250 a year when that's not a large sum of money compared to the rest of the cash we spend on our expensive hobby. I will remain an ardent supporter and member of BFSA whether it stays free or goes pay only... I just fear that if it went pay now that would be the end... well there would be a few members...
Regards Rob
Vice President SABAA Natal
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My view: Content it free these days, whether it be the news or what I read on the many forums from fishing to IT that I belong to its all free. Content providers all over have had to adapt to the expectation that we get it for free and look toward advertising revenues for income.

That said, being a club does have its advantages and create a more community feel to the whole thing and I would be inclined to pay for membership of a club.
I have been a member of the site for over 4 years and obviously joined when it was a paying site. I enjoyed the cameraderie between the guys and then meeting them at my first comp at Inanda and again at Kwaggas was an unbelievable experience.

When the decision to open the site was announced I thought the quality of the site would deteriorate in terms of contribution by members and also the cameraderie amongst the members. My present opinion is that the site has not deteriorated, a lot more new guys have joined and contributed, mostly just in terms of chatting. As some of the previous guys have noted, the sharing of information by means of report backs have declined. We nowadays only see the report backs from the BETT and Ninja's midweek stunts. So we have partly lost the "sharing and caring" part. It does seem that members are reluctant to share there info now that more guys have access to it.

My 2c is that I don't mind paying the R250 we used to pay, but on the other hand I won't complain over the way the site is being managed at present and neither over the contributions made by members.
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if you are so concerned about sharing information...there are so many social networks out there where you can have private discussions and share your information with a selected few people...i dont believe turning this site into a paying site will encourage people to start caring and soon as you enter the competitive the caring and sharing flies out the window...when it comes to sharing information about dams which produce good fish...sometimes it is better to have a closed section...we have one on the kickboat fishing website...which works great because there is no fee all you have to do is make a "positive contribution" to the site and you will get not about whether someone likes you or dislikes you...

here is an idea...if you think paying will improve the imformation shared...why not have a private section where anyone can join...but at a fee and try it out...this way you have nothing to loose...this section of the website stays exactly like it is...and the people who want to pay to share their information can log in and use that section of the website.

or just have a section of the website which you automatcally become a member once you reach a certain amount of posts...the admin can make a decission if the person just word replies to keep them on as a memebr or filter them out...if non productive.
My feeling is that you will end up losing input by making it into a "club" with a paid subscription. A lot of people do not have the time to spend extended periods of time commenting on forums but if something catches their eye they offer comment and input. Its not always about people sifting out useful information from others but rather an interest in what other anglers get up to! I for one, would start participating on other free sites if a decision is taken to charge for this one. I don't think constructive debate here and there lowers the standard of the website because if the forum topic is not interesting to you then don't follow it! My 2c
I think it should be free and stay free. :blue-cool: I don't think chopping and changing that option is a good idea. I had reasons why we made it free again...

For those of you are keen on a pay site... a little birdie told me that there may be a new site on the way that is a pay site... but I don't know when it will be launched though :blue-shock: :blue-cool: :blue-biggrin:
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Thanks BM, it's probably the right choice.
Some of us already pay club fees and SABAA fees. Clubs don't run for free so we pay some more and more........Not everyone has the finances to just keep paying!
What concerns me and I don't know the history, is that if this site becomes selective it will bee seen to be an "elitist" club. The competitive nature of the sport cannot be compared with a few years back, it has grown exponentially which obviously affects caring and sharing. By having a mixed bag of members, one would require a sense of humour from time to time and not everybody has one - normal.
For what it's worth!
riprap Wrote:Thanks BM, it's probably the right choice.
Some of us already pay club fees and SABAA fees. Clubs don't run for free so we pay some more and more........

Neither do websites boet :blue-confused: :blue-cool:
Sometimes the fishing is so bad not even the liars catch anything!!!!
...and alls well that ends well.. :blue-biggrin:
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BM, point noted. Who then carries the cost of this site and I suppose I can't ask what it costs?
It doesn't cost a fortune to run the site, the admins give their time for free and my company (Synergize) did the development work and provides the hosting at no cost. Where funds would be useful would for improving and upgrading the site, we have plans for a mobile version, a classifieds section, etc, etc, design and development is where the big costs come in. We will get around to upgrading the site and implementing the mobile version, it's just going to take a bit longer, but it should be sorted by the end of the year all going well.

For the record, I am also in favour of staying free, I posted the poll after seeing a discussion that was going on in another thread on the subject of paid vs free, it's interesting to see what the members think.
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riprap Wrote:BM, point noted. Who then carries the cost of this site and I suppose I can't ask what it costs?

The same quostion here.The last few months a lot of new comers were students and scholars that don’t have the money to pay. With the info they get on this site they can take it further once they have a job and a bass boat. Then they also will care and share just like the Ambassadors of this site. Dankie vir n puik site en ons waardeer al jou moeite Bassmaster. Ek sal darem nog steeds bt vir die site as ek moet.
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I preferred the site when it was a pay site, there was whole lot more sharing and caring and good, quality, detailed report-backs where I also tried to put in my 2c. We are seeing a lot less of that lately, which is sad for me. Looked forward to Monday mornings reading 4-5 well put together reports (especially August's) and maybe posting my own.
As a matter of interest who is posing this question? Is it ADMIN, Owner or just an Individual Member? One would have thought a question or survey like this should have come from ADMIN or the Owner but based on BM's reply it appears that this question have come from an individual member. by the way does "BFSA ADMIN" still exist and if so who are they? I note from the "Contact Us" page that certain names has come and gone with time and that currently only Shane is listed as the owner. No mention of any co-owners or admin like it used to be at one stage.

As for the actual question, I've been through all three phases and it makes no difference to me. I'll remain a loyal supporter and member whether it is paid or not. What will happen, like in the past, the moment you make it a "pay site" the numbers will drop. I'm not talking about the "1 700" persons that have registered over the years and never came back, I'm talking about active members.

Over the years there have been equally good feedback and reports no matter if the site was a paying site or not. The same with bickering and fighting, some of the worst was when this site was a paying site, people were banned!. So it makes no difference whether it remains free or whether it change to a pay site.

The owner is the one that should make the call, by making it a pay site and dropping in numbers could mean loosing potential advertisers.
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