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Paid subscription for BFSA forums or free?

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Poll: Would you prefer the BFSA forum to remain free or would you be prepared to pay a small annual subscription fee? The accommodation, MT, Events, Gallery and Where to Fish sections would always remain...
This poll is closed.
Would pay
4 50.00%
Remain free
4 50.00%
Total 8 vote(s) 100%
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Ditto Oom Ninja, I've also been here for all 3, but in my view the report-backs, knowledge sharing and forum topic quality took a serious knock with the last change-over to being free.

I can understand why Shane (and any other co-owners) would want it to be free and encourage larger numbers, I just liked it better when it was paid for.
Ninja Wrote:As a matter of interest who is posing this question? Is it ADMIN, Owner or just an Individual Member?

Bassassin Wrote:I posted the poll after seeing a discussion that was going on in another thread on the subject of paid vs free, it's interesting to see what the members think.
It was posed by me as both an individual member and co-owner ....

Ninja Wrote:by the way does "BFSA ADMIN" still exist and if so who are they? I note from the "Contact Us" page that certain names has come and gone with time and that currently only Shane is listed as the owner. No mention of any co-owners or admin like it used to be at one stage.

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Although I am pro free, but am willing to be converted, the voting numbers didn't do this poll any justice? :blue-rolleyes:
I am new to the site/forum and the knowledge that I have found on the forums in the last two weeks is worth paying for. Just the places that I went fishing lately, informed by members on the site, is worth paying for.

On the other side of things, is it good for the numbers on the site??? I am not so sure. Yes the reports and that would more detailed since it would be written by members whom actually want to share the knowledge, but one must remember that some of the other members also share knowledge in other ways that reports. PM's and calls between members all contribute to the knowledge being shared and a lot of that is based on the numbers on the site.

a recommendation would be to incorporate some features that are only given to paying members since making the entire site cost related will surely send some of the knowledgeable members packing.

We or I would not want that.

So the final verdict is: YES AND NO!!!! Incorporate features for paying members, maybe discounts at tackle shops or something out of the ordinary.
I still think the best model is pay to be a member initially, make it a formal bass club so you can register a SA record, and then reward contributions like before with extended free memberships, etc.

It was initially a difficult decision to be a paid member but I never looked back after paying when I discovered what was hidden in the paid for section.

Maybe I have to it wrong on the SA record stuff... please let me know if I am barking up the wrong tree on this one.
Regards Robert Jacobs
I am new to bass fishing and this site.

My lack of contribution is because I don't have any advice or reports to give.
Trust me, I wish I could share secret spots and tips, but I have none.

Being a student, I don't have tons of money but R20 a month isn't much to ask.

However, looking at how many members actually voted and responsed, my guess would be that making it a paid site would lose many many members and subsequently, sponsors/advertisers
This thread might be a bit old but it was also about the numbers, the update of which was on yesterdays new thread. This poll definitely didn't do decision making any justice and I was wondering if members thought a new poll might be worth looking at to gauge members feelings on this subject? :eusa_think:
Good idea rip, i suggest you run a new poll and lets see the outcome.
New thread, say starting today untill month end. Lets see the results then.
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Hi guys,

I wouldn't mind paying. I have learnt a bit from the site and members on the site.

Maybe have guys that have registered for the MT and KBT get the year free or something to that effect. These are guys that support the site and are regulars on the site anyway.
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I would most definitely pay to see Roy moer off her kick boat...
Its decided and this is final!! Were all gone pay....

The amount is R150 per year!

The account details as below:

Standard Bank

Thanks Guys!

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