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Banjo Minnow?

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Howzit okes

My cousin from the US brought me some Banjo Minnows a few years ago when I first started out with the fun tackle spinning rod
I caught many bass with those lures and some of them quite big.
I lost my tackle box shortly after and never found it.

I was wondering what your thoughts are about this lure?
Here are two vids:
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This lure has great action as well.
I know one wouldn't use these in tournaments but rather for the not-so-serious fishing times.
Please post your thoughts
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Looks awesome! Those strikes they show under the water gets me frothing at the mouth!!! I just wish the fish in these dams were so agressive!
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Looks really good , are they available in S.A?
No. My cuz is bringing some to sell here though.
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When is your cousin bringing down some more of these banjo minnows? I'll take one Wink
eeeey chap.
I'm sorry but he has already come and gone and he brought a few packs but they were all sold. Sorry man
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Thanks JMG, no problem at all. Thought it may be a nice (fun) little addition for my wife to tryout. Next time Smile
If anyone is bringing this to SA again Please let me know. I had some growing up and had a lot of fun. Please I WANT.......
what is your location?
I stay in Cape Town. but I'm afraid I won't be getting any more for a few years
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jmgravenor Wrote:I stay in Cape Town. but I'm afraid I won't be getting any more for a few years

Why, how many light years is Cape Town removed from the rest of the world?? :-)
:blue-smile: lol
The Banjo Minnow packs can be ordered from the States but it comes at an immense cost.
The reason for only getting some in a few years is that my cousin is coming back in a few years and he will then be able to bring it.

Otherwise...order from the US and be prepared for the price of shipping Smile
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just found it here
LuanK Wrote:just found it here

Ouch!!! JM you recon its worth the price?
Don't think its worth that much, but I sent a mail to the manufactures in the usa let hope we can order in bulk. I reckon I would pay about R450 . Let hope for good news

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