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Brakkeduine competition January 2013

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Hi Guys, has anyone got any feedback on the Brakkeduine comp?

Hi lefty, yes I've got. I'll dig it out for you.
Will this help, if you don’t have it already. Apparently still spots available but campsite is full already!
Sorry for the big size pics but it’s in case guys want to save a decent size jpeg for printing.

[Image: Brakkeduine-1.jpg]

[Image: Brakkeduine-2.jpg]
Cant wait for the Compo the weekend. Will be my first time taking part in it. Just hope the weather is going to be nice!!
Thanks for the info guys. I couldnt make it for the weekend though.

Did anyone fish it. How did it go?
Hey Lefty.

We fished the compo the weekend. Was a really well organised comp. Fishing was tough as a cold front moved through on Friday when we got there with some rain aswell.
We managed only 4 fish on the Saterday and 2 on the Sunday.Nothing big 700-1kg fish.

The biggest fish was a 2kg and 2nd a 1.8kg and 3rd i think was a 1.7kg and then some fish between 400g-1.5kgs.Good fun was held by everybody involved and hopefully they will be having this compo every year from now on.

O ja nobody caught the tagged bass! So the owners of brakkeduine said they will give the person who catches it R1000.They must just have that tag number that is on the fish.

So maybe sombody will get lucky and catch it!!

The Sunday after the comp me and my brother caught 9 fish in 30min from the bank al nice fish between 1kg to a nice 1.5kg!!

Thanks Dragonfly, Brakkeduine is a great venue. Its amazing that you go there out of saeson on a weekend and be the only party their.


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