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Bass dams in Ladysmith

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Hi All

Sad news fishing partner and friend has been transfered to Ladysmith (Natal) .
Do anyone know of dams in and around Ladysmith..he need to stay in practice for the Inanda Classic.

Sterkfonteindam is not too far from Ladysmith. Shannon had a post not long ago enquiring about Sterkies. Check back or pm him. Then there are plenty of farm dams in Natal around Ladysmith, Newcastetle(100km drive) and Utrecht (150km).

If you need contact details for the Utrecht dam I can give it to you or you buddy. Dundee has some good bass waters around it as well. There is also plenty of farmdams out to Bergville on the way to Sterkies. He must get to teh farm auctions and cooperations and get to know some of the local farmers they hold the keys to plenty of jewels in Northern natal around Ladysmith.
wassup appel. i've got a bud that used to live in ladysmith he still goes there quite often to visit his folks. i'll poke him wiff a stick untill he talks. :twisted:
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Thanks Lukas & Lazy Ike

Will pass the info to him

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