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The return of the Crab Berries

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Fraser can fish that dam with his eyes closed, with or without a babelaas or hyacinth. :blue-lol:
riprap Wrote:Or the pink trick worms that WP love so much....... :blue-lol:

Topwater jig :blue-badgrin: and carolina topwater :blue-badgrin: :blue-badgrin:
[Image: outdoors_zps5be0abce.gif]
Agreed, he always does well there. Seriously good angler.
Team Aquamarine
Well, I didn’t see all the crabs, just some form of jumping spider but then again the water was between 10 & 12 degrees – not exactly ideal for frolicking crabs!
Herewith a view off the campsite with a poor guy having a go at Carp over the hyacinth.

[Image: Wriggleswade-campsite-23-June-2013.jpg]

Herewith a view of the slipway.

[Image: Wriggleswade-slipway-23-June-2013.jpg]

And herewith where most has blown into the bay at the water tower. What is perhaps not visible in the picture is the vast islands which are floating across the dam from lazarus bank and the wall area as the westerly wind picks up.

[Image: Wriggleswade-tower-23-June-2013.jpg]

Hyacinth has already gone over the wall into the Kubusie River and ultimately the Great Kei River which is sad news. Further up the dam and in the upper river system, it is still wall to wall and experiencing dieback from frost but it is by all means not dead.

A helicopter has been secured to come in and spray and we just hope that this time the follow ups will be managed correctly so as to mitigate the anticipated growth explosion in spring.
Thanks for the update Riprap, lets hope the spraying they do is effective.
Team Aquamarine
The biological control just cannot handle the growth mass so there is no other choice. Problem with the herbicide (Glyphosate) is that it is a systemic herbicide and although it breaks down into a salt in water, the damage to the other plant life, including that which we established, will have been done as well. If normality can be reached, we can always plant more desirable plants but it sets the dam back years again......!
Can anyone tell me of planned drawdowns of dams which have been done in SA as an alternative to spraying tons of chemicals and not maintaining control cables as a means of combatting severe hyacinth invasions?

Much more eco friendly and a chance to fix vegetative issue for the water and the fish.......

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