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Settlers Dam Winter outing

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Hi Guys,

Our club had an outing at Settlers dam yesterday to see if we could get ourselves some deep frozen bass.

Fishing was hard with the water temperature at 12 C. At least we had good weather and it was great to be out on the water again after a month of bad weather and work keeping us away from the water.

All fish caught were under a kilo except for the one of +/- 1.5 kg I managed to take in 9-11 m of water on a blue & black football head jig.

I am sure I missed one or two more as I am not used to fishing this technique and there were lots of bluegill intent on giving me a heart attack every time they attacked my jig.

Anyway it was a great day with a braai at the club house afterwords to recap with all the guys from the club.


Thanks for the report back Lefty, good to hear there are still some bass coming out in these cold temps.
Team Aquamarine
Are there Bluegill up there?
[Image: Dreamfish.jpg]
Settlers dam is full of Bluegill.

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