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Weed Control In Dams

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Hi All,

I have 2 dams on my farm. One is pretty big at 550 000m3 which was completed about 2 years ago and the other dam is a small coffer dam of only about 28 000m3. I have a problem in the smaller dam to control the weedgrowth. I dont mind the reeds along the outside of the dam, but there is snotty grass growing just below the surface.
This little dam always used to dry up in summer and therefore the weeds would die. I cant dry it out anymore as I need to use it as a coffer dam to pump up to the big dam all year round. The dam has some tench in it, and lots of food. Its a good source of frogs and things for the bass. I'M NOT PUTTING IN CARP, and I have seen dams with grasscarp in them, and it takes far too long to give an effect. I need something to sort this out quick as my pumps are getting blocked up 2 - 3 times a day with weeds!

I need to chemically remove the weeds in the dam, without killing fish/frogs and other life that is in there.

Does anybody know of a product? I remember a long time ago in the stywe lyne there was a advert for a product called: MIDSTREAM? does one still get it? Waybe RipRap can help here as I think they sprayed the weeds in Wriggels?

All help will be much appreciated.

Morning Ian, yes an interesting and dangerous subject. My neighbour is busy with a similar problem at the moment so will revert with the results meanwhile have a look at this:

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Need this stuff!!!

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That Sonar is a totally different active to Midstream but I like very much.......
My neighbour sorted out his problem with Midstream which he sourced from our local Co-Op. Going to enquire about Sonar Ian.
Ian, morning, had our Chemical rep from KZN here this morning and gave him all the Sonar info. If anyone has all the contacts and to also check RSA registrations, he has and will revert accordingly.
Ian, herewith the feedback received today:

"Dow Elanco are currently engaged with registration trials locally and should all proceed to plan, they hope to be able to market the product under the trade name Waterways, some three years hence.
Registration trials are still in the early stages and I have been told, that the product is not going to come cheap.
Unfortunately, that is the best that I can offer at this stage.

Hi Ian
Were you able to get hold hold of any Sonar RTU for weed control in your dams? If you did, did it work and can you please tell me where I can get it. I have a similar problem with my dams.Thanks.
Ladismith Cape

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