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Wriggleswade Dam

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Has any body fished there b4?
i fished a inter provincial there once and what a dam, trees, water plants, reeds , grass.
we caught fish on spinnerbaits(white works well), crankbaits, flukes, buzzbaits, lizards, carolina or texas rigged.
if ever you are in that erea , do go and fish it , you would'nt be disapointed! :actionpeace:
My wife and I fished the Amatola Classic 2 years ago. We found the fishing quite slow as a big cold front had come through as we arrived in Stutterheim the day before the classic. The only success we had was throwing, as you said, white spinnerbaits into holes in the grass and just letting them sink, and big heavy grubs. The guys who won that year were a really friendly 'father-son' team from the area. They sat in one spot for two days solid! It's got a lot of interesting structure.
Hey fishton it sounds like a familiar story with cold fronts and comps, Dennis Graham one of my old club buds fished a spinnerbait just under the surface round weed beds, had a killer bag.
The Boland team won the nationals there a couple of years ago, the dam is not that big, but it has good quality fish in it.
I would like to spend a few days there oneday mid-week. You can't get to know a dam during a big comp. Give me a shout when you plan on going there oneday, I could fly to PE/East London and drive to Stutterheim. Wink
so many dams, so little time, when i last fished there we stayed a extra day after the comp and i whent out with a dude called Dave Moore and we got a couple of nice ones after 2 days of fishing, piching and flipping flukes into the reeds Big Grin
I'm going to Wriggleswade for a couple of days, any info on places to find those big Florida bass, lures to use etc would be much appreciated.
The gods do not deduct from a man's allotted span on this earth the hours spent in fishing ~Babylonian Proverb
Bassassin Wrote:I'm going to Wriggleswade for a couple of days, any info on places to find those big Florida bass, lures to use etc would be much appreciated.


The only advice I have for you, as I have only fished this tournament once, is drop big white spinner baits into the holes in the grass.
I have been fortunate to have fished the dam about a dozen times over the last four to five years as it was my firend and mentor, Roy Jacob's home dam.

I would refer you to Roy, however he has immigrated to the UK. My personal experiences at the dam include one main factor - rapidly changing weather conditions. Wind is usually the biggest challenge and a quick rain storm can happen in the blink of an eye. So if you are camping, be sure to bring big pegs and lots of rope to tie everything down.

The dam is a great topwater dam and success with big zara's and buzzbaits can be had. The predominant structure is grass in summer, with big beds adjacent to the reed banks holding fish. I do however prefer the timer and both of the two feeder rivers have ample. We have caught fishing right up both rivers, even in the muddy water but travel with care as there is lots of unseen timber just under the water in the rivers. Both banks either side of the dam wall have also been good to me. The pump station to the right of the launch ramp is also a good spot.

I have also enjoyed catching submarines there, huge (12kg +) carp are very common and if you enjoy carp fishing it is worth while taking along a carp rod or two.
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Thanks for the tips, I'm looking forward to latching onto one of those submarines that Vaalboy mentions :blue-biggrin:
The gods do not deduct from a man's allotted span on this earth the hours spent in fishing ~Babylonian Proverb
How to drive there?

I'm going up to the Amatola Classic and there is no way I'm driving N2 with all the roadworks.
My question is:
Which route is the best (road surface, shoulder ect.) for towing a boat?

I basically have 2 options:

N1 to Beaufort Wes and then Graaff Reinet and then on too Somerset east to Stutterheim (927km) or instead of going via Somerset east ...... via Cradock, then via queenstown and down (976km)
The difference is 40km and I want to drive the best road of the 2. Don't want to break a trailer or something like that.

If anybody has some info on the roads it will be much appreciated. The driving in that part will be done during the day, so they cattle should be spotted! Not like at night!

I'm eager to hear your input

Ian :blue-smile:
The last time I went we travelled the N1 to Beaufort West, R61 to Aberdeen and Graaff Reinet then the R63 via King Williamstown to Kei Road then the N6 up to the turn off for Wriggleswade. The roads were good most of the way except around Alice which was under construction but there was little traffic and it was an easy journey. I don't know what it's like now, that was 2 years ago so it can't have changed too much.

I haven't travelled the Cradock, Queenstown route so can't comment on the roads in that part or the world, I suspect they might be a bit busier though.
The gods do not deduct from a man's allotted span on this earth the hours spent in fishing ~Babylonian Proverb
Hellol! I´m new. My name is Freddy - 50% from sweden/50% from Germany and 24 years old. I live in Germany but travel very often to the Netherlands, Sweden, Norway and other countrys in Europe to fish for Northern Pikes, big Zanders, Pearch, Catfish and more. Fishing is my biggest passion and a part of my work because i write very regular a lot of fishing articles for ouer lokal magazines in Germany, Netherlands and Denmark. Furthermore I´m sponsored by Quantum, Fin Nor, Black Cat and Zebco Europe.
When I heard that my family planned a trip to south africa i was very happy because this must be the most beautiful area on planet earth! I´m very, very happy that i found this page on the internet because i see that many seriously (Bass)anglers get together here!

In Northern Europe it is not possible to fish for Bass and so i have never caught these beautiful fish before! Between 30.12. 2012 and 8.1. 2013 I will be in East London. I heard that the wriggleswade dam is very good for Bass. I would be extremely glad to meet somebody who can explain me Bassfishing (or other kinds of SA- fishing) on these dam (or East London).
Of course i practice only c&r!

I have a car and will bring some fishing gear and a lot of Lures and self designed special Soft Plastic Lures (Quantum Joker Lure, Freddie Shad, Hairy Mary, Crature Baits...). Surely good for Bass too!?
Maybee somebody have an idea how i can handle my fishing there. I heard that fishing from the banks could be difficult? Is that true? I would be glab about any kind of help.
Tight lines and best regards, Freddy
And the winning Bass for Nexts years Amatola Classic will be won on...............
yes you guessed it :blue-badgrin:
A BLACK BUZZBAIT lol :blue-lol:
In 1 to 20 ft of water... :blue-biggrin:
Regards Robert Jacobs
Between 6am and 4pm :blue-lol: :blue-lol: :blue-lol:
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