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Rod For sale

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Hi Guys, anyone interested I have a shimano Akrab 6,6 ft stick bait rod for sale. R650
I also have a powell fast action heavy 7,3ft flipping stick, carolina with a quantum kvd burner for R1800.
Any chance you can split the rod/reel combo? I'm looking for newer reels for two of my rods
PM sent
Thanks for the pm, I'll take the reel
Ok, Reel gone
powell max 7.3H fast action R950
shimano akrab 6.6 stickbait rod R650
Just for a matter of interest how much is a KVD burner new?
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About 1.8K
Rip is correct

This is Quantum KVD Tour 7.3:1 (higher ratio always called the burner) 8.5 ounces

It was the top of the line Quantum reel until they recently got replaced by 2 newer models. First by the Quantum Tour KVD Cranking Classic (7.5 ounces) in the lower ratio only and then more recently by the Quantum Tour KVD 150 and the Quantum Tour KVD 150 Cranking (7.1 ounces)

The one Brenden just sold is special on Tackle Warehouse at the moment (it is the 6.6:1 ratio though)

Local pricing on Quantum has always been better than the straight R/$ conversion ratio from TWH. I presume it has to do with the US guys realising at the current R levels they will never sell or the SA guys being able to negotiate a better rate with bulk discounts or something.

I have this reel in all 3 ratios and are happy with all of them. My favourite is the low ratio cranking model which has an amazing drag system and a lot of power. It feels like you can winch a boat with it.
Regards Robert Jacobs
Sorry off topic a bit, Nav - I'm a Shimano fan but my quantum's do seem to have better drags.......?
hello!!!!anyone want to buy my rodsSmile
Got any shimano reels? I am over this Quantum banter it bores me!!lol :blue-badgrin:
[Image: SignatureSmallBFSA_zps89bcf1e2.png]
And i thought my reels and rods were expensive lol
I have a new description for this, its called PP's
( post pirates) :blue-wink: :lol:
riprap Wrote:Sorry off topic a bit, Nav - I'm a Shimano fan but my quantum's do seem to have better drags.......?

Can't really say as I only own Quantums and a very old 25+ year Daiwa with a never say die attitude.

Specs wise the Quantums always have very high drag ratings with between 15lb and 19lb depending on gear ratio on the latest model. I seem to recall the older ones with similar specs.

Regards Robert Jacobs
post piracy, im trying to sell my rods, not a quantum training session Smile

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