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Hello all - Newbie here. My son and I have just taken the "lure" (apologies if the pun is bad - we are new at this). Will be working my way thru the forum and looking out for advice. We've got a couple of spinning reels and i just bought a bass rod with a baitcaster reel. Kept hearing about overruns and dead keen to experience it for myself :lol: . Tomorrow my son and I are going to try out some of the dams in Paarl (Victoria/Nantes and Bethel). Anybody got any feedback on these? Alternate is to practice our craft at Hillcrest, as its close to home and safe.
Welcome Haggy, don't bother with the Paarl dams. Hillcrest or Le Bonheur croc farm in Paarl would be better. All the best.
[Image: fishingsignature.JPG]
Cool - will pop back to Hillcrest tomorrow and practice there. Other than Le Bonheur, any other recommendations?

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