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Howsit everyone!

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Hey guys,

This is a forum I have been following for a while, I didn't realize that I haven't done an introduction thread!

I only follow 3 forums at the moment as I don't know what others are that active. Bassing and kickboats.

Well from me, I have been fishing for just over a year now in KZN, I joined Inanda bass club, and I have fallen inlove with competitive fishing.
I fish from a dragonfly which I have owned about 3 months now, and she treats me well,

I've followed this forum for a few months now, full of great stuff,

I take every chance I get to learn new things, and I am very passionate and I try and enjoy every moment I can on the boat, if I'm not catching I am listening to some tunes and taking in the day, I believe it all comes down to the enjoyment and why waste any minute!

Hope to see you guys around, my local dam is Inanda, but my favorite has to be Nagle.

Hope to see you guys around!
Thanks for the intro Rossco! Welcome bud. Quite a few Inanda frequenters on here! Inanda is seriously on the National boys' radar at the moment.

Heard via the grapewine that a Western Division lad got a nice one there today.
Regards Robert Jacobs
I have to say I am routing for the Natal boys on this one, can't wait for the event will be showing face in support!
Welcome RossCo!!!

Sure you going to learn alot from the site as well as meet local yocals you going to hook up on the water with!!!

Enjoy and tight lines!!!

:twisted: Wink :twisted:
Now you have three replies, welcome boet!
Welcome! Im sure you will enjoy the site as much as i do.

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