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Hello friends, as a newbie and a roofkyker for some time, maybe now is a good time to climb out the wood work.

Just wanted to mention that even though there might be lots of guys registered on here who have never posted it is also possible to have access to the forums without even registering so I am sure Riprap's stats are even worse since there are currently 7 people online of which only 3 are registered meaning the roofkyker population is even larger than you think ;P
I feel privileged to be able to learn and share from all the members posting reportbacks and advice, even though I'm not posting everyday . Some days reading a good report back substitutes the stoke of actually hooking into a few pigs when it is not possible to go fish myself.
Lekker Vetseun! Gooi!
Yep, mostly as I thought; the more we think we are different, the more we are all the same when it comes to fishing.
RossCo Wrote:Hey, I’ve been a member on the forum since March, and only started posting a few weeks back,
Before that I used to check out the site often.

If you asked me why I don’t post here is that I still feel outside of the community, that’s not to anyone’s fault but if I look at other sites I follow, Kickboatfishing – Here I started off on an introduction and then met many of the guys out of the water, there is also a small whatsapp group that brought a lot of chatter about and I got to know a lot of people through both of these ways.
Also when joining there I had a lot of questions, and I was the type of person to ask as well, and my posts there skyrocketed.

But on BFSA I had some experience as such so I joined here to read reports articles interesting facts, I don’t think I am knowledgeable enough to go around saying this is the way to fish this or that this technique is better so I keep my opinions to myself.

I also follow bassing – this website isn’t as active as BFSA or KBF but I can see why, members don’t know each other as there are a lot of us ‘new’ guys that are joining, I’ve been very lucky to get to know a lot of the KZN guys through my club or so on, but there are still many I don’t know. BigB from bassing had a great idea of a social get together which I am hoping works very well.

This is just me giving my opinion why others don’t post. I have started posting here and guys are more than friendly. It can also be confusing for some as it still is for me of which sites are active, I follow the three Bassing KBF and BFSA but I am sure there are more I am missing out on.

My suggestion is to maybe put more of a push on introduction threads, and have replies of the current guys saying where they are from so the new person can get a feel of where the everyone is etc.
Take my introduction from the 1st of July I’ve had 2 replies, but over 1600 views. – I’m not trying to attack or blame anyone, I could have had Zero replies, I’ve done my bit.
The only other thing that KBF have implemented which I think has really done amazing things for the site is that ability to use a ‘Taptalk’ app to view the form off of smart phones.
I do hope that you find something that works here.

Rossco is spot on with his suggestions.

The guys on this thread have really given honest, fair and valuable feedback and its great to see something like this brought into the open.

From my side I already have a forum that I post my reports on, but now and again I post stuff here. I would probably post more but I've also noticed that you have to be very careful about what you say on this forum. I've "roofkyked" quite a few threads that have turned into bunfights over trivial things. I don't think its fair to say that the solution is that people must report posts, its the forum owner and the mods/admins responsibility to create an evironment that is friendly and make sure that tension on the forum is settled quickly and, when needs be, quietly.
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A very interesting thread and many opinions and good suggestions, but getting back to the hostility part Somali Pirates are hostile Boko Haram is hostile, I am just straight forward I say it as it is and if you find the truth to be hostile or combative I apologise

We all started as newbies and if you don’t let your fingers do the talking you not going to learn, it seems that people are focussing on report backs but bass fishing is so broad you can ask any question.

It’s been 33 years of bass fishing for me and I am still learning and a lot that I have learnt has come from this site

I also understand that guys don’t want to reveal new fishing spots so report backs are less or vague in that regard.

But one thing I don’t agree with is guys trolling this site just to get info for self-gain, there are guys that do a lot of effort to find new waters do a report back only to find guys that don’t contribute raping his new honey hole.

There are also guys I know of and I am not going to mention names that do a lot of effort at their own expense to rehabilitate certain dams by introducing bait fish and re stocking.

So you can understand if there is hostility when a roofkyker is found plundering the waters that someone else has rehabilitated or did the effort in finding.

So is it too much to ask for a newbie to introduce himself say where he is from we might just invite you to go fishing I have done this on many occasions its the best way to learn?
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I have a suggestion for Snr admin wrt new registrations. Make certain fields compulsory for registration right from the beginning such as location and perhaps other which might deter spammers and the like……?

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Personally I don't care about rugby and a lot of the crap people post these day's.I have been much quieter lately due to massive work projects but I used to share more.BFSA thought me shed loads and got me fishing competitively my personal skill level and average size fish increased in leaps and bounds.

Since the new site it is much more difficult to stay logged on,to post pics and use them in post to many restrictions although I know it is necessary.

Maybe another section where the site needs development is under where to fish,clubs,events these have since I became a member never been updated just a thought

Catch of the monthly also used to be a motivator for me personally.

I'm very happy with the site and will continue to be a active member ,pay site or not

Ps. I used to buy both bass mag every month but got bored with the same crap in different words with the same ads with the same specials by the same people fishing the same dams using the same technique with the same rig.
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