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Hello friends

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Hi guys

I am relatively new to bass fishing, but I am loving it. I have only been fishing for about a year and a half now, oddly enough I never imagined myself to be a fisherman, I have always been more into computer games. But I guess you never know when the bug will bite Big Grin

Currently still doing the hard labour on the banks as the pockets of a student run shallow Tongue

Keen to learn some more from you experienced lot.
Welcome dude,

I find myself very much the same, I was also a big gamer until about a year ago.

Fishing is a very expensive hobby, but an inexpensive way is to your yourself onto some sort of kickboat - It beats bank bashing big time.

I only know suppliers in DBN but I'm sure one of the guys here can point you in the right direction.
Welcome Vetseun, enjoy the ride boet, it's gonna be a lifetime one......
Welcome Welcome!

Interesting connection with the gaming & bass fishing. Same here and a few other people I know... But If im honest, bass fishing kicks gaming ass x 1 000! Smile
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Welcome Vetseun hope you enjoy your stay did you lose weight lol cause your avatar does not justify your nickname :blue-biggrin:

Im also a big gamer but the gaming PC has become more of a media centre watching hours and hours off bass fishing footage :lol:
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All these 'gamers' coming out of the closet.Just proves that sitting for hours on end in front of a pc screen has no match to being outdoors with a rod.Keep your eyes open for a used tube and that will spice up the bass craving even more...enjoy.
Life is not about the number of breaths we make,but the moments that take our breath away.
Welcome! I am also a gamer but I have been fishing bass 17 years+ I was lucky and my dad introduced me at a very young age. I work in IT and technology is one of my love's. Fishing will always be no.1 though Smile

Gaming is fun but nothing beats being on the water in nature... FOOD FOR THE SOUL!

I hope you have a marvelous journey into the world we all love so much!
"At night when I go to sleep.... I count Bass instead of sheep!"
Well hello and welcome... may u learn alot here as i have and meet great people...enjoy..
Live in the Moment...
Welcome to the Wild Bunch, hope you make lots of friends and catch even more bass.............every day spent fishing adds a day to the rest of your life!!!!!!
Thanks for the warm welcome guys.

Been considering a float tube for a while now, however I am sort of allergic to the nearest dam to me (Bronkhorstspruit), I believe it is due to that algae blooms and something called cyanobacteria, however I haven't been able to figure out a solution yet (Have tried some meds). Perhaps some ones else has experienced something similar, dry eyes, heavy nasal congestion and severe dry skin.

So long story short I might be safer on the bank for now in anyways Big Grin

Interesting that there are a bunch of "gamers" on here too, anyone play anything competitive?

Oh and Mr Riprap, your "Spring is in the air" thread is my all time favorite thread on this site, when are we getting an update?
Welcome to the site.
Looks like more and more guys from Pta and up north joining the site. :blue-cool:
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Welcome to the site and to this side of the addiction...must say I missed the gaming phase but I suspect it has something to do with fishing that came first!
Regards Robert Jacobs

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